Field Camp + Many More

Hi all, it's been a really long time since I posted something here. Anyway, I just finished my field camp recently (21 - 27 July). It was a really fun experience, although I felt quite uncomfortable not being able to bathe and all at times.

Before I start talking about my NS life, I'd first like to say I really really miss my old (civilian) life. Thanks to all my friends who took Geri out for a birthday celebration, you know who you are =). When I came home yesterday, I got a letter from my sister. She's writing about how much she misses home and all, and I thought it was really nice of her =).

Ok, so back to NS life. Field camp training was fun, but seriously you get to see people's true colours. There's this particular guy that punched me for no apparent reason other than the fact that he "snapped". In what way did I offend him, I've no idea. Well, well. Also, there's this really irritating guy that constantly talk shit about others. I know he's always talking behind my back, but well, what can I do?

Fucking hell, I miss all my friends, family, and Geri so much I don't know how to express it. I'd give up many things just to be with them, seriously. AND I REALLY REALLY DISLIKE THAT PERSON who constantly stabs others. Really. I've no fucking idea what I did to him, and he's really getting on my nerves. Why must assholes like this exist?

Anyway, back to field camp, the 7 days was really fun! On the first day, my section had to set up the single-coil wire barricade, and it was pretty tiring. We also had to pitch the basha tent and whatnots, and I felt a great sense of satisfaction after that. Some sections got to learn various IFC stuff, and everyone seemed to have fun. I'm not going to write about each and every day, but here are some of the more memorable moments.

- Sleeping in the basha for the first time was damn funny now that I think of it. The ground was really rocky, although my buddy and I had already cleared all the big rocks and stuff before setting up the basha. There was only one particular position I could sleep in. A little more to the right or left, and I'll be sleeping on rocks. As a result, I woke up every hour or so to re-adjust my sleeping position. Also, I had guard duty on the first night, and got to see many wild boars! They literally squeezed passed the wire barricade =(!

- By the second day I've already accepted the fact that I'll be a smelly boy for the next few days. Our OC said many inspirational/motivational things to us, and one of my favourite sayings by him is "The sky is your blanket, the earth is your bed." It felt a little comforting knowing that during field camp =).

- Heat rash and insect (mainly mosquitoes and sandflies) bites are a norm =(.

- Firing blanks for the first time was really memorable! Seeing fireflies for the first time was great!

- On the night of our technical break, the sky was mesmerising. The amount of stars was really wow!

- Digging a shell scrape is really damn tiring =(. Sleeping in it was a great experience!

And many many more. Basically, I enjoyed my field camp thoroughly! Oh ya, the combat rations... =|. Some are pretty good, some are really bad =P.

Anyway, yesterday's our (Geri and I) first year anniversary! =P She's the best! *hug hug* =P Yay!

P.S: I'm still pissed off with that backstabbing master =P.