Take A Step Back...

Sometimes in life it's better to take a step back and think about what you've been doing. If you just keep going in the same direction all the time, you might have miss out on the various trails to the left and right that might mean a lot to your life. Life's about the journey, not the destination. Setting and getting your goals is one thing, but what's the point if you reach them, but lose yourself along the way?

Just take a step back, maybe ten steps back. Heck, you can even walk back to your starting point. It's never too late. I've been blog-hopping and reading so many posts about people not knowing what's wrong with them, about them being in a dilemma, about them not knowing what they want anymore. Come on, what's the rush in life? Just take your time, move a step at a time, always knowing who you really are inside, and knowing where you're going. If you're lost and you keep going ahead, you're going to drag those following you into your crap and end up hurting them. Don't do it. Anyway, here's some food for thought:

The Zen Of Attraction - Thomas Leonard

1. Promise nothing. Just do what you most enjoy doing.
2. Sign nothing. Just do what doesn't require a signature of any kind.
3. Offer nothing. Just share what you have with those who express an interest.
4. Expect nothing. Just enjoy what you already have; it's plenty.
5. Need nothing. Just build up your reserves and your needs will disappear.
6. Create nothing. Just respond well to what comes to you.
7. Seduce no one. Just enjoy them.
8. Adrenalize nothing. Just add value and get excited about that.
9. Hype nothing. Just let quality sell by itself.
10. Fix nothing. Just heal yourself.
11. Plan nothing. Just take the path of least resistance.
12. Learn nothing. Just let your body absorb it all on your behalf.
13. Become no one. Just be more of yourself.
14. Change nothing. Just tell the truth and things will change by themselves.

Good night =).

JCC Fail + Others

Hi all, I came back from Brunei on the 21st, and sadly didn't pass JCC. Nevertheless the lessons learnt were numerous and priceless, and I shan't blog about them as they're boring life philosophical crap to you =P.

Anyway, yesterday was my 1 year and 9 months with Geri Darling =)! Happy boy =P.


Countdown... =(

Hi all, in just 8 hours or so I'll be in Changi Airport, waiting for my flight to Brunei. Time really flies when you're having fun. It's been a wonderful past 5 days (starting from Saturday), spending time with my dearest Geri, and also trying to catch up with my friends. I'm really hoping to do well in Brunei, and come back 16 days later filled with pride and a sense of achievement. Got to try my best =).

Sometimes in life it's not whether you want to or not, it's more like you don't have a damn choice... =(.

Anyway, take good care of yourselves, I'll be back =)!


Off To Brunei + New Layout + STREETS OF RAGE!

Hi all, as you can see I now have a new layout. Well, not exactly new, the colour scheme's still the same, just a little different. Why is this so? Basically I decided to try out Blogger's new Layouts, instead of using the old template/classic format. As a result I had to re-do everything. To be honest I didn't put in as much effort as I would like to, but I kinda like how everything is. Check out the Video reel to the side =P. Alright, that's all for site-related updates.

On another note, I'm flying off to Brunei tomorrow already. Wish me all the best. Stupid jungle here I come =(. I'm going to miss all of you! Especially my dearest Geri =P! I'll be back on the 21st! No idea how much weight I'm going to lose during the survive training =(. Bah.

Also, for those of you who LOVED the STREETS OF RAGE series on Sega, check out this site =)! It's really fun!

Last but not least, please take good care of yourselves, especially my dearest and closest friends =). My darling too! =P I'm going to miss you all =(.

Colorgenics Test

My dearest Geri has been asking me to do this, so yup I've done it =). It's quite true, surprisingly =|.

You feel worn out, physically and mentally. Recently the going has been tough and it looks as if there is still a considerable way for you to go before you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. If only you could put a protecting wall around yourself and cut yourself off from the rest of the world - be it even for only a little while - how wonderful it would be, but you can't - so you need to bear with it. Just when everything will seem at its lowest ebb you will find that there is a turnabout and your problems will seem to find a way of resolving themselves.

You are willing to try anything once. You 'need to be needed' and what is perhaps more important you 'need to need.' You can only feel close to a person or persons when you feel you can trust them, but this trust needs to be proven to you.

Circumstances are holding you back, forcing you to back off and to forgo all the pleasures, fun and games for the time being. But this is only a temporary situation and before you even know it the situation could change.

You are experiencing considerable stress which is essentially the result of on going rejection and hostility. You are in the unpleasant position where offers of trust, affection and understanding are being withheld and you are being treaded with a degrading lack of consideration. You feel that you are being denied the appreciation that you deserve, which is essential to your well-being and self-esteem, but you have to face up to the situation because as matters stand at this time there is little that you can do about it - you feel that you are getting nowhere and the continuous struggle is a lonely one: all difficulties and no encouragement. Whatever you try to say or do is met with continuous hostility and no matter how much you protest you are consistently misunderstood. You need to escape from the situation but you are so perplexed that you cannot find the strength of mind to make the necessary decision.

You wish to safeguard yourself against criticism or conflict and to embed yourself in a protected situation. You are a difficult person to relate to and very difficult to please.



Finally an update! I realised my previous host closed my account, and all the images and whatnots were gone. Anyway, they're back up, and are current hosted on http://sites.canoop.com/. It's damned good for a free service =)! While fixing all these (thank goodness I've backed up my site using WinHTTrack before), I came across some old pictures and whatnots which I might post up tomorrow or something if I'm free =). Also, I changed the blog song/music (finally!). Last but not least, I'll be leaving for Brunei soon for training, so please wish me good luck! =P

All-American Rejects - It Ends Tonight

Your subtleties, they strangle me
I can't explain myself at all
And all that wants and all that needs
I don't want to need at all

The walls are breathing
My mind's unweaving
Maybe it's best you leave alone
A weight is lifted on this evening
I give the final blow
When darkness turns to light
It ends tonight, it ends tonight

A falling star, at least I fall alone
I can't explain what you can't explain
You're finding things that you didn't know
I look at you with such disdain

The walls are breathing
My mind's unweaving
Maybe it's best you left me alone
A weight is lifted on this evening
I give the final blow
When darkness turns to light
It ends tonight
Just a little insight won't make this right
It's too late to fight
It ends tonight, it ends tonight

Now I'm on my own side
It's better than bein' on your side
It's my fault when you're blind
It's better that I see it through your eyes
All these thoughts locked inside
Now you're the first to know

When darkness turns to light
It ends tonight, it ends tonight
Just a little insight won't make this right
It's too late to fight
It ends tonight, it ends when...

When darkness turns to light
It ends tonight, it ends tonight
Just a little insight won't make this right
It's too late to fight
It ends tonight, it ends tonight, tonight, insight
When darkness turns to light
It ends tonight

Source: http://www.songmeanings.net