Take A Step Back...

Sometimes in life it's better to take a step back and think about what you've been doing. If you just keep going in the same direction all the time, you might have miss out on the various trails to the left and right that might mean a lot to your life. Life's about the journey, not the destination. Setting and getting your goals is one thing, but what's the point if you reach them, but lose yourself along the way?

Just take a step back, maybe ten steps back. Heck, you can even walk back to your starting point. It's never too late. I've been blog-hopping and reading so many posts about people not knowing what's wrong with them, about them being in a dilemma, about them not knowing what they want anymore. Come on, what's the rush in life? Just take your time, move a step at a time, always knowing who you really are inside, and knowing where you're going. If you're lost and you keep going ahead, you're going to drag those following you into your crap and end up hurting them. Don't do it. Anyway, here's some food for thought:

The Zen Of Attraction - Thomas Leonard

1. Promise nothing. Just do what you most enjoy doing.
2. Sign nothing. Just do what doesn't require a signature of any kind.
3. Offer nothing. Just share what you have with those who express an interest.
4. Expect nothing. Just enjoy what you already have; it's plenty.
5. Need nothing. Just build up your reserves and your needs will disappear.
6. Create nothing. Just respond well to what comes to you.
7. Seduce no one. Just enjoy them.
8. Adrenalize nothing. Just add value and get excited about that.
9. Hype nothing. Just let quality sell by itself.
10. Fix nothing. Just heal yourself.
11. Plan nothing. Just take the path of least resistance.
12. Learn nothing. Just let your body absorb it all on your behalf.
13. Become no one. Just be more of yourself.
14. Change nothing. Just tell the truth and things will change by themselves.

Good night =).

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