I think I might have OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). Seriously. I always have this feeling that I haven't locked the house door, when I've already done so. As a result, I always end up returning home just to check, before leaving again. Sometimes I manage to convince myself that I've locked the door, but most of the time I fail at it. I also have this stupid habit of checking that the taps are closed, or that the refridgerator's door is closed, constantly. When doing my project reports, every single spacing/indentation/line break/etc. has to be perfect. One spacing off and I feel uneasy about submitting it. Damn =(.

Anyway, why am I writing about this? Because this has time and again, caused me to overdo stuffs that has led to bad/disastrous results. For example, I got a brand new black housing yesterday for my N70. It fitted well, everything's great. But somehow I managed to scratch the screen. Instead of simply ignoring it (which I guess is what most people will do), I had to use Brasso and fix it (it works, I've done it more times than I care to remember). All was good. Until I decided that the alignment of the stupid rubbery/spongy substance behind the housing wasn't straight enough. So what did I do? I took off the whole thing. To make matters worse, there were some small remaining scratches. So I decided to Brasso it again. Brasso, somehow, caused the glue to melt/lose its strength. As a result, the screen part of the housing came off (no glue to hold it, I guess). Great. Instead of simply calling it a day (1AM+), I had to go down to 7-Eleven, buy some superglue, and come back up. After sticking it, I was a happy boy. Not. The glue got onto the housing itself (f*ck), and now my housing looks ugly. Why the f*ck did I do all that when I could've just accepted/ignored the scratches? I don't know.

Also, while waiting for my housing to arrive in my mailbox, I constantly went down to check my mailbox. Like once every hour or so. It's not so much of me being excited about it. It's more like I want it now because I can't wait.

So there you have it. I think I've OCD. If it gets any worser than it is I'm going to seek a doctor.


Nokia N72, N73, N93

Really nice phones! Check this site out!


Anyway, to be fair, I think Nokia's standard of service is dropping (in general. The NCC at Suntec's good!).


Changed Blog Song

Armor For Sleep - Kind Of Perfect

can i just be something
somewhere in your room
but you wont notice
maybe ill be paper
or books thrown on your floor
move me when you want to
ill lay where you put me
in your VCR
if i become a cassete
or on top of your computer
if thats where i would fit
then so be it
but things cant be perfect
all the time
that i know
sometimes we just have to let some things go
i will not say one word
ill just hang around
i wont annoy you at all
when you move out ill stay
until im thrown away
but then it wont matter
thens cant be perfect
all the time
that i know
sometimes we just have to let some things go
things cant be perfect
all the time
that i know
sometimes we just have to let somethings go
i promise to stop now
to stop now
i promse to stop now
to stop now
but things cant be perfect
all the time
that i know
sometimes we just have to let some things go
things cant be perfect
all the time
that i know
sometimes we just have to let some things go
letting go is my life
ill be on my way

Source: SongMeanings

As you can see (and listen), it's a great song =). For some reason this song makes me feel really sad and all =(.


End of Orientation

Hello all, the orientation has finally ended =(. Although Engineering did not win anything this year, it was really fun! I wished I had more time to spend with the various departments though =(. All in all, I would say this is one of the best camp/event I've ever been in. The committee's simply great =). Anyway, I'll write more about it soon, really tired now... Congrats to Business for winning the trophy yet again!

Anyway, HOPEFULLY, I'll be able to meet my committee members and mentors up soon =). Thanks to Darling Geri for giving me a surprise visit during the camp, although I couldn't even spend 2 minutes with you =(. Thanks!

Once again, thanks to everyone who played his/her part! I'm sad that we did not win, but we all had fun, definitely!


Busy Week

Alright, this is going to be one of hell of a busy week. This week is the week some of my friends and I have been waiting for. Finally, it's the Freshmen Orientation Camp for the freshmen in our school! It'll be taking place from Wednesday (19/04/2006) to Friday (21/04/2006) =). Hopefully things will go really well! The committee has been putting in a lot a lot a lot of effort, and I really hope everything will turn out well! Of course, there're some problems here and there, but I'll leave that for a later time =).

Anyway, I'll be sleeping in school from Tuesday to Friday. I'm also waking up around 7AM later, prepare, leave house around 8.15AM, go to the bank and withdraw some money, and then meet Maclean at 9.30AM (at SLS), before going down to Mustafa Centre, where I'll probably be getting the Philips Xenium 9@98 phone in preparing for my National Service. In addition, it can serve as my backup phone in case my phone spoils =). After getting the phone, I'll have to rush down to school (by 12PM latest), where there'll be some rehearsal for the coming FOC.

Geri will also be officially starting school today, so all the best to her =P! *hugs*

I guess that's all for now. Good night =).

Silverstein - Smashed Into Pieces



I've been listening to Silverstein a lot lately (thanks to Gregory for introducing them to me), and I can really relate to a lot of their songs. They do not necessarily reflect my current state, but looking back on the past few years or so, these songs seriously strike a chord in me. Death Cab For Cutie's a pretty good band too, with really amazing songs =).

I don't know why I'm blogging, I just felt like writing something. Life's going good on the surface, but I think there's a lot of shit within me that I've to settle soon (before my NS). I'm still pretty worried for a lot of things, especially with regards to my family. I don't know how I'm supposed to enjoy NS when I've worry about my sister's relationship with my parents everyday. I'm tired of many things, really. Since the day I stepped into TP, I've never really had much time to stop and think. Think about things that are happening. Even if I had, I seldom found the answers. TP was one hell of a rollercoaster ride. I've met some people whom I can proudly say will remain lifelong friends. I've also met some people that made me wonder what friends really are for. People who'll get you into the deepest shit, and disappear, leaving you to take all the blame. The sad thing is most of them don't realise, or admit it. They only care for themselves. They only want to avoid trouble.

Have any of you have ever watched "Monster" the anime or read the manga? Inside this story there's a character called Johan. It's a really good story, and I think Johan's not entirely wrong all the time. With a world that sick, obviously you would want to destroy everything =).

I think I can understand why people choose to become hermits. Why bother facing all these bullshit when you can choose to face nothing at all? Appreciate nature as it is, stop the noise pollution... I generally dislike noise and crowds. I find them irritating. It makes me hot-tempered, it spoils my mood. I guess I'm pretty anti-social deep inside.

I'm also worried for Geri. She's starting school soon, and I really hope she does well =). According to our promise, she's supposed to do better than me in her studies =)! Haha =P. Idiot =P. Anyway, I can't exactly be there for her during her examination period, as I'll be in NS. She's weak physically as well, always falling sick =(. So to Geri, if you're reading this, please take care of your health! I know you'll excel in your studies =)! I'll be here, there, anywhere cheering you on =P! *hugs*

I know I've yet to complete "The Past 3 Years", but I'll complete it as my graduation approaches, I promise =). There's just so little time left, yet so much I want to do. I'm probably going to be in deep shit later on (around 10.30AM), as Willie and I have to face a certain person. Why? Because we've yet to do what we were supposed to do. Willie's trying really hard, and I can barely help due to the FOC and many other personal stuff. Sorry =(. Willie's one of those really helpful people, so helpful most people will take them for fools, for granted. Which sadly, seemed to be the case during his TP life. Somehow he never seems to mind. No idea why =). But it's great to see someone that helpful.

Good night =).

The effort you put in is equalled only by your failures
Why try so hard, when you always end up failing?
Maybe you should stop pushing yourself
Set yourself free and see what you have become
Let yourself go and drift into eternal bliss



It's raining out there, as I sit here alone
As far as I'm aware, there're sins I've to atone
Nothing washes them away, not even the rain
Time and again, I've to face this pain

Bah, just a lame attempt at trying to write something =). Anyway, since I got my Enlistment letter, I've been treasuring every second of my life. No more lying on the bed doing nothing, no more forcing myself to sleep when I'm bored. It's a mixed feeling, as Maclean says. A part of me feels happy that I finally get to go in, so I can come out as soon as possible =). Another part of me feels that my life's going to go through some major changes. I hate change. I can cope with changes, but that doesn't mean I like it. I know I'm going to miss my friends and family, and of course, my dearest Geri =(. I won't be able to stay up late surfing the internet, watching anime, reading manga, chatting or playing games anymore. Neither will I have the chance to catch the occasional TV show with my mum. I won't be able to keep a tab on my sister, nor will I be there if my dad or mum wants to vent their anger on someone (as much as I hate it when it happens, I'm usually fine with it, as long as it makes them feel better =)). I won't have the chance to hang out late at night with my friends. Also, I won't be able to spend time with Geri =(. I'm definitely going to miss my life. The saddest thing of all, June 10 is also my dad's birthday, but I can't be there to celebrate with him, because I've to go NS.

On another note, I might be able to meet some new people. Right now, I'm seriously hoping that I'll end up with fun-loving and nice people =). I'm also hoping that I'll be able to book out on all the weekends in July. Why? Because July 21 is Geri's birthday, and July 29 would be our first year anniversary =). I'm glad both dates fell on weekends. I'm also hoping that somehow my sister will become a little more responsible (now that I'm gone). More importantly, I'm hoping that my family members, and of course Geri, will take good care of their health. Especially my mum and Geri. They're always having headaches, or stomachaches, or something. If it's not this, it's that. You know, I'm feeling sad writing all these. It makes me realise how little I notice about people, until I actually think about it. Guess I've to thank NS for it =).

I don't particularly like military stuff. I like military strategies, because some of them are really amazing, how humans play each other out and stuff, but that's about it. I don't like guns, because they kill. Killing is bad. War is bad. Yet I know, even if I dislike these things, in times of war, I'd be force to use a weapon. Even if not for my country, I'll have to do it for my loved ones. To be honest, the thing I'm really looking forward to in NS is the physical training, and the people I'll be able to meet.

I'm probably getting the Philips Xenium 9@98 phone for NS, since they don't allow chargers (well you could do it secretly, but hey...). It's supposed to have 10 hours of talk time, and up to 720 hours of standby time. Of course I could go with a Nokia 8250 or something and some spare batteries as well. Nevertheless, I'll most likely get the 9@98 for $195 without line! It's a pretty good deal =).

Last but not least, to all my friends going to NS, may we all enjoy our NS life! Treasure your pink IC life while you can, lol =). I'll definitely miss my life, and the people in it, especially Geri! *hugs*


ETC Over + Enlistment...

Hi all, finally another update! I was in the "ENGenius Training Camp" from Thursday till Saturday. It was really fun, in spite of some screw-ups here and there =(. Anyway, I don't feel like blogging much about it, because I got my Enlistment letter during the camp (my mother called me).

So, yup, I'll be going into NS on the 10th of June, at 10am, in BMTC School 1. If any of you out there has the same day as me, please let me know =). Since I got the news, every day suddenly seems so much more precious... Alright, I'm lazy now. Take care everyone =).