Been feeling very uneasy these 2 days, for no apparent reason at all =(. Anyway, I finally bought the Westone UM1s, and they're really good earphones! Approximately 1.5 day more before I book-in again =(.

Watched Death Note today with Geri Dear =) and Greg. Pretty cool movie! I finished reading the manga quite some time ago, but nevertheless, I still enjoy the movie thoroughly (although I knew what was going to happen here and there). Anyway, before watching the movie, I met Mac, Jeremy, Raj, Nick, and Greg =). We went to Raj's house for some Deepavali lunch or something. It was quite fun seeing all of them again =)!


Rest In Peace, Mr Vic... =(

To all my friends who was with me in TP, and have worked in various events, I'm sure you all know who Mr Vic is. The ponytail cool, Mr. Nice Guy lecturer, who helped me out a lot during one or two of my events. Although I was never taught by him personally, working with him during just that one or two events was great. He's the steady and cool type, and gets things done fast. Really friendly too =)! I just heard from Terry the sad news... =(.



Hello all, it's been a while since I updated. Anyway, I booked out already 9am this morning, and will be booking in at 8pm later... =(. Tomorrow's field camp till Thursday, bah. Training's pretty fun, and I enjoy myself quite a bit training wise =). People wise, it's another story altogether. Don't want to write about it now, but there's some pretty nasty characters... Well =(. Thankfully there're also really nice people =D. Hope all my friends are doing well... =). Greg's also having his BMT field camp right now, might see him in Tekong =P!

Anyway, SAOSIN's debut album's out... Check out "Voices"!