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Rule: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 16 random things, facts, habits or goals about you. At the end choose 16 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, its because I want to know more about you.

1. I am often late in meeting people I’m very close with, but always early in meeting newly-acquainted people.

2. I dislike noise and crowds.

3. I am very into technology and geeky stuff.

4. I’m hot-tempered, but usually at the wrong people.

5. I’m usually very random.

6. I lose interest in things very quickly, although I also get into new hobbies very quickly.

7. I’d love to be carefree, and get the shit out of the rat race in future. At the same time, I can imagine what I can do with money, so perhaps I won’t quit the rat race so quickly =P.

8. I can be very superficial, and sometimes I enjoy being so. My eyes will hurt if I have to look beyond the skin for everyone.

9. I think the glass is empty sometimes, but the jug is always full =P.

10. I love (almost) any genre of music and dace, but I can’t play any musical instrument or dance for nuts.

11. I love socializing, yet hate it at the same time. Hard to explain, really.

12. I always wonder who, what, when, where, why, and how?

13. I love psychology and sociology, and am usually quite amused or impressed by how people come up with various theories.

14. No, the world doesn’t revolve around any of you. I dislike self-centred people.

15. I don’t like being tagged, but because Geri tagged me I’ve no choice. I love her and am very happy today’s our 3.5 years together.

16. Don’t take me seriously unless you know (or think you know) me well enough =P. Misunderstandings will arise and I hate unnecessary conflicts ^_^.

Ok, that’s all. I’m too lazy to find 16 people who’s willing to tag. Freedom of tag, anyone? =\

UniSIM =\

A couple of my good friends study at UniSIM, and they have been having problems accessing the site in Firefox.

UniSIM Attack Site?

A search in Google shows the following:

UniSIM Google

=\. Some more searching in Google shows the following:

Among many others. Just try search terms like “unisim attack site”, “unisim firefox problem”, etc.

I just hope that things will be fixed soon. Also, most of the forum posts, as well as my friends, have noted that while you will be able to access the site using Internet Explorer, their AVs (Avira, NOD32, among others) detected a virus on the site. Hopefully it’s just a false positive.

Ok Ok I Get It

My Mum woke me up at 6am, thinking that I wanted to go school early! =( She even prepared breakfast! So I woke up at 6am, had breakfast, and went back to sleep at 7am. Oh, I should add that I slept at 3am last night.

Anyway, I woke up at 9am again, due to the very noisy construction work taking place at my block. I always thought that they could only start at 10am? Shall look into it later =P. I managed to force myself back to sleep, only to be disturbed at 10.30am again!

I get it. It’s time to wake up. Damn it =P.


Lenovo Ad =\

I might be a little late on this, but wtf?



I just came back from my Dad’s side, and took a cab driven by a highly irresponsible and vulgar taxi driver. Well, instead of slowing down when making a turn, he decided to speed up. At that time, it was showing the Green Man, which means it’s supposed to be the pedestrians turn to cross. As Murphy would have it, a young man decided to cross the road, and the taxi driver had to do an emergency brake. Instead of feeling ashamed he decided to engage in a staring competition with the young man crossing the road, all the while spouting words that I abstain from on CNY!

The best part? He decided to end his speech on how irresponsible the young man was after he realised that my cousin and I were not interested, and he ended by saying, “THANKFULLY GOD IS WITH ME!” I guess he meant that if God wasn’t with him he would not have braked on time. It’s just amusing how he kept on ranting that it’s the young man’s fault, and how he would be able to bring this case to court should an accident occur. Maybe I should’ve been a nice person and told him that the pedestrian Green Man was on =\. The part when we paid for the taxi fare was amusing. He didn’t even turn around when collecting money, and was breathing very heavily. No idea why.

Seriously. Oh, buy 6235 for 4D. Maybe God is with that number too.

On another note, I’ve make-up tutorial this Saturday =(.

On yet another note, I had a good reunion dinner at my Mum’s side today. Sister came back for dinner, and I’m really glad my Mum and Sis talked =). After that, my Sis and I went down to my Dad’s side, and then went over to my Uncle Edwin’s side for a while, before returning to my Dad’s side. I had a good chat with my Grandma =).

I learnt people tend to place things in the context in which it’s easiest for them to understand. A good example would be when I was telling a friend of mine I needed to go to both my Mum’s and Dad’s side for reunion dinner. His reply was something like “You’re so greedy!”

Lol. Of course it’s not his fault. But close friends of mine would know why I need to go both sides =). I used to dread CNY because of this. But times have changed, and I’ve learnt to looked at things in a more positive light.

Finally, here’s to a Happy & Prosperous Chinese New Year! Make sure you buy 6235! LOL =).



First Week Of School

One week of school has passed, and I’m still in holiday-mode =(. Well, I resolve to fix this by next week (which is the start of the tutorials and labs and everything else).

On another note, I realised over last weekend that the time I have to spend with Geri is really little =(. Add my family and friends to the list of people I’d love to spend time with, and there’s simply too little time. Nonetheless, I believe with proper time management I’d be able to find more time =).

Sometimes I think what I lack is hope.


Soh Ru Tan

I am Soh Ru Tan, thanks to a certain idiot =P.


I’ve resolved to spend at most $10 a day, and it seems to be working well so far =).


Alphaville – Forever Young

I wish our generation had more meaningful songs like this, instead of the usual raging hormones kind of songs. Or songs that sound so happy although it’s about a sad breakup. Bla bla.


AMK Hub, Singapore Zoo, Marina Barrage, Changi Airport, All In One Day

Today's damn tiring, but it feels good to try something different every now and then! I woke up around 8.30AM, fell back asleep till 9AM, and met Geri at Bedok MRT Station at 9.50AM instead of the initially planned 9.30AM (sorry dear =P).

Took the MRT to Ang Mo Kio, and reached around 10.40AM or so. Mac and Greg had already reached (surprise =X). Anyway, I got quite irritating irritated by the DBS staff, for being so helpful in telling me that the machine has no cash after I've queued up for 15 minutes? It didn't help that the DBS machine at AMK Hub's basement has a minimum limit of $200. Thankfully, Mac lead us to the POSB machine nearby. Took a cab down to the Singapore Zoo, where the adventure began.

I might post some pictures up once I get hold of them, although I think I'll probably just direct you all to either Geri's or Mac's site. Lol. It was really fun, although my legs were really tired. We walked literally non-stop from 12PM till 6PM, except for a 20 min lunch break. The white tigers are really majestic. The lions were lazy though. During the feeding time a piece of meat actually hit the lion right in his face, and he didn't even bother. On the other hand, the white tigers leap/jump to catch the food using their paws/mouths. Lazy lions =(.

The rest of the animals were very interesting in their own right, especially the Hamadryas Baboons. Greg, Geri, and I saw something that's not very nice to see. Lol =P.

The Zoo trip was really fun, except for two incidents. The first incident when this asshole had to say really loudly "No flash allowed" to his friend, after I took a picture with flash. I know it's not really right to take pictures with flash, but that picture was seriously an exception. I told him straight that I was the one who used the flash, and instead of talking to me like a man should, he acted like he didn't hear me and started telling his friend that if he uses flash the animals will get angry. Look, not everyone gives a shit about your DSLR and l33t photography skills. It's really amazing considering you or your friends even declared loudly that "Monkeys come from humans." =) Seriously, if you want to be an ass and all, talk to me in the face.

Secondly, the Ben & Jerry's at Kids World. WTF? That's all I can say.

At the end of the zoo trip at 6pm, I think most of us wanted to go home, but after some discussion, we ended up taking a Ah Beng Uncle's taxi back to Mac's place. That uncle was talking on the phone about a lot of crap that's not really nice for his customers to hear. ATTP asshole. Anyway, Mac then took his car keys and drove us to Marina Barrage. The journey there was a navigational experience for me. Lol. Marina Barrage is nice. Nice wind, nice lights, nice all. Just remember to bring your own food. Seriously.

We then decided to head down to ECP for dinner, but along the way, Geri decided for us to go to Changi Airport instead. We had Popeye's, and met one of the most ungracious people ever. Basically, we had all gotten our food and were already eating. This asshole sitting beside us stood up, and as he took his bag and turned, his bag hit Greg's drink, which caused it to topple and spill all over his food. This asshole's wife saw it happening, and instead of apologizing (I thought she did, must be dreaming), she simply told her husband, "Eh your bag." So what did this guy do? He turned around, said "Oh", DIDN'T EVEN BOTHER TO APOLOGIZE, and walked around. I don't know why Greg and I said "Never mind", but I think it was the right choice. Mac and Geri were very insistent that we should've told them off, and got that asshole to apologize, but I seriously feel it's a waste of time. No point talking to this kind of people, wasting our time, and possibly screwing up the mood even more. Still, now that I think about it... _|_. The best part is he's with his wife, and a kid. Talk about setting a good example.

We then walked around for a while, before Mac sent all of us home. Reached home around 11pm. Lol. Thank you Mac for the free tickets to the zoo, and the rides =).



Met up with my HDKs after such a long time, and it's always nice to see your old friends =). I've known Kel for 13 years, and Boon and Jove for 8 years or so. Although it's true that the quality of a friendship is more important than the quantity, it's always good to know that these are friends who've stood by you through the years. Had dinner at Downtown East's Food Court (Joven and I wanted Subway, Kelvin was neutral, but Boon was VERY against Subway), which is something very uncommon for me. I just don't like food courts for some reason. Coffeeshops are okay, but food courts are no-no. Thankfully, the chicken chop I had was quite good.

After that, we went to Pasir Ris Town Park and had some drinks, chit-chat for a little while, before I left to meet Mac, Greg and Raj. Similarly, these 3 are friends I've known for 5 years or so, and everytime I look back it's a wonderful feeling.

Although I do not always agree with what my friends choose to do with their lives, I'm always thankful that they never force it upon me, nor try to convince me that what they're doing is right. In fact, some of them probably know how not right it is, but well, it's their choice, and just remember, don't ever do things that you'll live to regret.

Kel will be flying around a lot this year, while Boon will be hard at work, and Jove will be working and studying. It's going to be hard to meet up, but well =).

Raj will be leaving for Australia on 1st Feb, Mac and Greg will be starting school on 19th Jan, Jeremy will be starting school soon (can't remember off-hand), Patience will be starting school on 5th Jan, dearest Geri will be starting school on 5th Jan, while I'll be starting school on 12th Jan. It'd be hard to meet up too, so yup.

Life still goes on. One lesson I learnt today is when you're in a bad mood or feeling down, it's always good to talk to your friends about it, because your friends usually feel it too, and it'd only spoil the mood more the more you try to hide it.

Sometimes getting detached from certain people, even your parents, is better for yourself. Emotional attachments will indirectly cause you to have expectations, to have hope, and when that fails you're only going to feel angry and disappointed. The worst part? You seldom take it out on the person who caused you these feelings, but almost always take it out on the people who actually care about you. So it's always a vicious cycle.

Today I also realised that sometimes I'm very unfair to others.


Hello 2009!

2008 has been an eventful year for me. I ORD-ed after serving 2 years of National Service, went back to school, made some new friends, lost a couple of friends, etc. Every year's the same actually, lol, except for the ORD-ing and schooling part.

With that being said, I just want to thank all my friends and family for staying with me, and of course to my love, Geri =).

Happy New Year! =)

2009 here I come =)!