I just came back from my Dad’s side, and took a cab driven by a highly irresponsible and vulgar taxi driver. Well, instead of slowing down when making a turn, he decided to speed up. At that time, it was showing the Green Man, which means it’s supposed to be the pedestrians turn to cross. As Murphy would have it, a young man decided to cross the road, and the taxi driver had to do an emergency brake. Instead of feeling ashamed he decided to engage in a staring competition with the young man crossing the road, all the while spouting words that I abstain from on CNY!

The best part? He decided to end his speech on how irresponsible the young man was after he realised that my cousin and I were not interested, and he ended by saying, “THANKFULLY GOD IS WITH ME!” I guess he meant that if God wasn’t with him he would not have braked on time. It’s just amusing how he kept on ranting that it’s the young man’s fault, and how he would be able to bring this case to court should an accident occur. Maybe I should’ve been a nice person and told him that the pedestrian Green Man was on =\. The part when we paid for the taxi fare was amusing. He didn’t even turn around when collecting money, and was breathing very heavily. No idea why.

Seriously. Oh, buy 6235 for 4D. Maybe God is with that number too.

On another note, I’ve make-up tutorial this Saturday =(.

On yet another note, I had a good reunion dinner at my Mum’s side today. Sister came back for dinner, and I’m really glad my Mum and Sis talked =). After that, my Sis and I went down to my Dad’s side, and then went over to my Uncle Edwin’s side for a while, before returning to my Dad’s side. I had a good chat with my Grandma =).

I learnt people tend to place things in the context in which it’s easiest for them to understand. A good example would be when I was telling a friend of mine I needed to go to both my Mum’s and Dad’s side for reunion dinner. His reply was something like “You’re so greedy!”

Lol. Of course it’s not his fault. But close friends of mine would know why I need to go both sides =). I used to dread CNY because of this. But times have changed, and I’ve learnt to looked at things in a more positive light.

Finally, here’s to a Happy & Prosperous Chinese New Year! Make sure you buy 6235! LOL =).

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