Lunatica - The Power Of Love

When the first light of morning is touching the leaves
and the dewdrops are sparkling like stars
I feel the touch of a mild breeze caressing my skin
as I'm running to reach your strong arms

What greater gift could I get to feel alive
than the power of love in your eyes
Like a blooming rose in a barren place
that must absorb the falling rain
I am longing for your warm embrace

On my way through the forest I can hear a soft voice
But inside my heart it feels strong
It tells me to follow so I don't hesitate
It will lead me to where I belong




Celebrity look-alike collage from MyHeritage.com.

Lol. Quite fun =P. Darling introduced it to me. Anyway I've no idea why of my many lookalikes only 2 are guys. The rest are female =(!

Anyway, why can't they say I look like Andy Lau?



Changed Blog Song

Decided to use Imeem.com =).

Within Temptation - Jillian

I’ve been dreaming for so long
To find a meaning t understand
The secret of life
Why am I here to try again?

Will I always, will you always
See the truth when it stares you in the face?
Will I ever, will I never free myself
By breaking these chains?

I’d give my heart, I’d give my soul
I’d turn it back, it’s my fault
Your destiny is forlorn
Have to live till it’s undone
I’d give my heart, I’d give my soul
I’d turn it back and then at last I’ll be on my way

I’ve been living for so long
Many seasons have passed me by
I’ve seen kingdoms through ages
Rise and fall, I’ve seen it all

I’ve seen the horror, I’ve seen the wonders
Happening just in front of my eyes
Will I ever, will I never free myself by making it right?

Repeat chorus

Jillian our dream ended so long ago
All our stories and all our glory I held so dear
We won’t be together
For ever and ever, no more tears
I’ll always be here until the end
Jillian, no more tears…
Jillian, no more tears…

Repeat chorus

Comms Ball... & Others...

Just came back from Comms Ball a few hours, nothing much to blog about. Pretty fun events, although I was a lil bored. Nevertheless it was good to see most of my friends with their sweet dates =). Darling Geri came to find me after her stuff, and it made the difference for the day =). Thank you Dear =)!

Also, LTA Joel and 2LT Aloysius proposed today! It was really really nice and romantic! =) Congrats! ^_^

Anyway, I've learnt recently that double dates and catching up with old friends are not as easy as I thought... Sigh.

To add to that, some of Geri's friends haven't exactly been behaving like good friends. WTF is wrong with people nowadays? They only care about themselves, where's the friendship...? It's so sad, really. If you said you don't mind, then why do you still bring it up? Just STFU and move on, stop whining and wallowing in your sorrows. Should I offer you a tissue as well? Or maybe a towel since you're so full of tears? Knowing things like this piss me off.

Maybe one day I should just listen to the anger inside.

Anyway, for my dearest =)...

Lunatica - Song For You

You hold my hand when I tremble with fear
You bring me light when I burst out in tears
And now I want to thank you, dear, for all the things you've done
I can't deny (that) you showed me the right way

For the light, for the love
For the truth in your eyes
I am grateful to have such a friend by my side
For the tears, for the joy
For not asking me why
We can hold our hands up and reach for the sky

You kept your faith when my words were untrue
You made me laugh when I was feeling blue
Always giving, never asking for more than a smile upon my face
Together we will conquer the whole world


(You) don't have to worry
We'll stay together all of our days
You can trust in my words, you can rely on me
And when dark clouds obscure the sky
I'll be at your side
Until the weight on your shoulders fades away


Thanks to Greg for introducing Lunatica =P.


Reminiscence =P

Was browsing through some old photos and found some that really brought back memories...

Don't laugh. =P


65/06 OCC Commissioning Parade!