3 Years 4 Months

Yesterday marks 3 years and 4 months since Geri and I have been together, and it's been a wonderful journey so far =). Just had to say it =P. I love you dear =)! I don't really like the video, but I love the song (and you know it my dear), and I'd like you to listen to it (for the _th time :P):

I'll be back soon! (Will be going to Desaru for 2 days)


1 To Go

One last paper to go tomorrow. Well, MA1301 was really difficult today =(.

Bullet For My Valentine - All These Things I Hate

Live Version (Embedding Disabled -_-)


Lyrics | Bullet For My Valentine lyrics - All These Things I Hate lyrics

I just love this song! Especially this: "Torn apart at the seams and my dreams turn to tears, I'm not feeling this situation"

Updated the lyrics with another source, there were errors in the previous one...



2 more papers to go. Maybe I'll finally know what freedom is. Lol =).



AI loved the song "Heaven", which I always thought was by DJ Sammy. However, after looking for the videos and all on Youtube, I realised that it was sung by Do, but the original version was actually by Bryan Adams! I think all versions of this song are great, but I really love the Bryan Adams one.

Bryan Adams - Heaven

An awesome cover version by The Zoo.


Go watch it, it's really amazing =)! Too bad they disabled embedded videos, so you've to click the above link instead.



Tickle Me Pink - Typical


She struts up to me
She whispers my name as if I know her
But I never knew her
She asks me the time
Quarter to one, we go for a drive
I just don't know her

On the coldest night
In the darkest room
I will sleep alone
Cause it's better than you
Yeah it's better than you
You can't play me like that as a matter of fact
You're nothing more than a typical whore
And I wont be your fool anymore

We go to her house
Flip on the tellie and lie on the couch
But I don't feel her...anymore
She asks me to bed
This is the end on my disenchantment
Now that I'm walking out the door

On the coldest night
In the darkest room
I will sleep alone
Cause it's better than you
Yeah it's better than you
You can't play me like that as a matter of fact
You're nothing more than a typical whore
And I wont be your fool anymore

Maybe someday you'll get it
Perhaps you'll regret it
Or maybe you'll find someone else who accepts it
I wont be the one

(You can't play me like that as a matter of fact)
(You can't play me like that as a matter of fact)

On the coldest night
In the darkest room
I will sleep alone
Cause it's better than you
Yeah it's better than you
You can't play me like that as a matter of fact
You're nothing more than a typical whore
And I wont be your fool anymore

Maybe someday you'll get it
Perhaps you'll regret it
Or maybe you'll find someone else who accepts it
I wont be the one

Source: SongMeanings

9 - 4 = 5!

4 more days to my first paper... 9 more days to my last paper. Many things to do after that. Please, give me the motivation to study hard now so I can enjoy later! =(

Sometimes I feel that at the rate I'm going now, I'm going to throw away everything I've been working so hard for. It's even worse when people think you're joking, seriously.

Also, I hate it when people think I'm lying. But it's ok, I'll just shut up and be nice for now.


Suteki Da Ne (English Translation)

The wind, like a heart that swam in the accumulated words
The clouds, a voice that was shot into the holding future

The moon, a shaking heart in an unsteady mirror
The stars, gentle tears in an overflowing stream

Isn't it beautiful, to walk together in each others hands
I do so want to go,
To your city, your house, into your arms.

That heart,
held within your body
In those confusing nights
I dream

The wind, its halting words are a gentle illusion
The clouds, the broken future like a distant voice

The moon, a heart flowing in the clouded mirror
The stars, broken and swaying, like tears unable to be hidden.

Isn't it beautiful, to walk together in each others hands
I do so want to go,
To your city, your house, into your arms.

That face,
A soft touch,
Dissolving into morning,
I dream.

Source: lyrics.time

Note: I don't play FF, I just think this song's really nice =).

Avenue Q Is GREAT!

Avenue Q was great. I highly recommend everyone to catch it! On another note, I wasn't feeling very well, but the show was seriously amazing =)!

I'm so happy that Geri's happy! =P


Very Sad

I just finished my group project a while ago =(, and now we're having breakfast from McDonald's. Haha. This is nonsense. I just hope I can catch some sleep before going for Avenue Q tomorrow =(.



Something quite amusing happened yesterday. Basically, a friend of mine, P, was feeling quite sick (runny nose and all). As some of you know, NUS is a smoke-free campus. Of course, some people still find a way to smoke secretly, and someone who did just that happened to come to the area in which P and I was studying at.

Now, imagine, you know NUS is a smoke-free campus, you're having a bad nose, you're frustrated from studying, and to add to that, the smell of cigarettes suddenly fill the air. So P lost his temper in a rather jokingly manner, he was like, "~!@#$% WHICH !@#$%^ SMOKE THEN COME HERE SIA?" (Very Singlish) SURPRISINGLY, the guy who smoked actually replied, "Eh it's me. Pai seh leh brother."

I think the guy was quite nice actually. Anyway, P apologized after that, although it wasn't really his fault. It was really amusing, the whole incident.

Moral of the story: Don't apologise =P.

HAHAHAHA. Also, I know this guy who's on the exchange program. Let's call him A, and he's from Canada. He's a really awesome guy to talk to and hang around with, and he was sharing with my friends and I some interesting things about Canada.

He noticed that Singaporeans don't really voice out their feelings, and then went out to said how, in Canada, people would just say, "This is not what I want." and leave. For example, after ordering food at Burger King, people would just do that.

So he went on to give a very detailed incident. Basically, this girl wanted to get a haircut, so she chose a style she wanted from some magazine, and asked the hairstylist, "I want this hairstyle." So, the hairstylist started cutting her hair and all. At the end of it, the girl just sat there for a long time, looking at her new haircut in the mirror. After a while, she took up the magazine, and told the hairstylist, "This does not look anything like my hairstyle at all!" and walked out of the salon.

Interesting =P.



Dedicated to all my loved ones =).

Sometimes in life you just feel happy, yet confused at the same time, and that is precisely what I'm feeling now. I'm precisely feeling confused, lol. (And no, not Geri, I'm always sure of her =P.)

Anyway, it's kinda cute when your Dad (who's quite computer illiterate) tries to video chat with you on MSN. Haha I love my parents =). Sometimes my Mum will lose her temper because I lose my temper at her for being a real computer newbie, but well, it's always funny when I think about it. I've come to appreciate how wonderful my parents are =).

When everything is done and over, some people will be smiling in the background, although their own wishes might not have been fulfilled, they're nonetheless happy for their friends who have fulfilled theirs. Sadly, some people accept that it's their fate to forever remain in the background. I say, go forward, go and take what is rightfully yours. Happiness is rightfully everyone's. Reach out your hand and grab it. Do you seriously think your friends are all blind people who can't see your sadness? They might not always be able to read you, but true friends are always able to sense that little bit of something that is not right. I'll always be wishing for your happiness.

One more thing, some mistakes can happen over and over again, but there're opportunities that only happen once in your life. How do you know when those opportunities come along? I don't know, either, but I know I've taken some risks before, only to regret. But the ones that I've taken and NOT regret, they're priceless. Sometimes I think these things make life worth living that much more. Words can't describe how thankul and grateful I am for some of these risks that worked out.

I've been doing some self-reflection recently, and I think I like what I see in the mirror. LOL. Alright, seriously, I have. I was on some website the other day, I think it was the Art Of Manliness, and in one of their articles there was a paragraph that said something like, "People nowadays are so busy finding themselves, that they've no time to commit to anyone else." These words jumped right at me. Now I realise why. Perhaps a life is only worth living if it's for the sake of others (BUT ALWAYS HAVE YOUR OWN DREAMS!) Like, for your family, for your friends, for the love (of your life), etc. That way, there's always something to be happy about. Of course, pessimists will say there's always something to be sad about. It's your choice, really. Being happy would not help you achieve anything, neither will being sad. But by being happy you can do things on a more positive note, and maybe, somebody may just fall in love with your smile. Or some close friend might just feel happier because of you. Or, whatever. You get the message.

With that being said, I still find it a constant challenge to smile sometimes. Although most people will think I'm always joking and all, those who're really close to me will know I'm quite far from that actually. I guess we're all hypocrites sometimes. Anyway, I'm not going to let lame and stupid things bother me anymore. Whining doesn't solve any problems at all, although I enjoy whining to, and listening to Geri's whinings sometimes, just for the fun of it. Being with her is simply awesome =).

Perhaps 2 years in army, and the sudden transition to university has made me a rather indifferent person (when it comes to school and social life in general), I don't really care. What I do care, and am affected by, is that sometimes I tend to let these things affect me personally, which in turn affects my loved ones. And that is not going to happen anymore, hopefully.

Again, wishlist, to-do list, whatever, after my exams:

  • Work out
  • Catch up with the dearest people to me
  • Take Geri to some place she really wants to go (at least one of them)
  • Stop being so lazy
  • Be a better person
  • Smile more often

You know what's the best part? I'm actually smiling while typing this entire post. Maybe something in me has changed. Smile, as in, really, smile from your heart, because there's always something worth smiling for. Definitely. There has to be. Screw the facade.

This Is A F*cking Post

Maybe I should just stop joking around so much so you can see who I really am inside. The jokes are meant to be a facade, because I don't want to take life so seriously. It always brings a smile to my face when I see people laugh, and I think it's better to be known as a fool sometimes. But it really sucks when the people you're close to can't tell if you're joking or not, and it's f*cking pissing me off to no end.

This has happened numerous times already, maybe it's me after all. How can I be my serious self knowing it'd not being any smile to the people I love and care about?

I am f*cking irritated right now. It takes a lot to irritate me to this extent, because only the people I put in high regard can do that. And that's also why it sucks so much. F*ck. Really.

On another note, when I'm feeling negative emotions I tend to see things clearer, write better, and study better. So, I've decided on what to do this coming December:

  • Work out like f*ck.
  • Catch up with some people whom I REALLY miss but don't talk about, like Boon Tiong's mum, my HDKs, and my Dad and sister.
  • Spend more time at home with my mother.
  • Beg/Borrow/Steal a car to drive around. I love driving around at night and doing nothing else.

And from now till 27th I'm going to study very hard. I'm seriously pissed off with many things right now, and something just had to make me snap, although I know it's not really anyone's fault.

I think in this world there're people who need to feel negative emotions to move on, and I know some of my friends are like that. I also know that I was one of them, and recently I realised maybe I'm still one of them. It's due to conditioning. I love all things dark.

On another note, I'm happy that things sort of worked out. Somehow.

I need to buy a damn punching bag soon, I probably need anger management. I haven't felt so agitated in a while. I think the lack of sleep pisses me off. Then again, it's nice to work out right after you wake up. It makes you energetic.

You know what, I think I'm becoming increasingly distant and cold nowadays. Thankfully not towards the people I care about.

With all that being said, I still love jokes. And I still care about the people I'm pissed at. And I still care about doing well in school. F*ck, if this wasn't a residence, I'd probably be shouting some nonsense profanity to feel better. I want to go to some beach with no one (so others are not affected unnecessarily), and just shout.

Seriously, more than anything else, I'm f*cking pissed off at myself. And I realised that perhaps I still want to believe in some things. Why do my weaknesses keep coming back to eat me? Time to seriously do nothing about it! Because it doesn't matter anymore, because I realised maybe they aren't weaknesses after all. HEHE I am happy now.

"I tried to be someone else, but nothing seems to change, I know now, this is who I really am inside." - The Kill, 30 Seconds To Mars


Just 14 days to my first paper, and the best part is, I finish all 4 of my papers within 5 days. Go figure. The bad thing, is of course, time is not on my side. The good thing is, exams will be over quickly! Thus, I've decided to focus on studies for the next 2 weeks. The worst thing? I decided that I'll focus on my studies for the next 3 weeks a week ago, but this week was not as productive as I'd like it to be. Better than usual, definitely, but nowhere near where I want to be.

On a BRIGHTER note, I had a good weekend with my beloved girl and my rowdy friends! We're gonna be watching Avenue Q this coming Friday! Actually I don't really care =P, but for the sake of someone
I'm going =X. HEHE. Also, our group had a newcomer this weekend, hope she enjoyed herself ^^.

Also, I'm so happy that Lenovo Mac is going to get a car soon. Woohoo =P!

It's good to have dreams, but it sucks if they just remain dreams forever, you know?

I think love is magical =).

To My Beloved Geri =)

I love you dearest =)!



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Keep The Fire Burning

Recently it feels like things are not going smoothly for me (academically), and my morale is really low with regards to school stuff. Nonetheless, I'll find the energy to keep the fire burning somehow. =)

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On another note, I went for Chrystal's (Dearie's best friend) wedding dinner today, and people always look so beautiful when they're in love =). And my dearest looked gorgeous in the pink gown =)!