Something quite amusing happened yesterday. Basically, a friend of mine, P, was feeling quite sick (runny nose and all). As some of you know, NUS is a smoke-free campus. Of course, some people still find a way to smoke secretly, and someone who did just that happened to come to the area in which P and I was studying at.

Now, imagine, you know NUS is a smoke-free campus, you're having a bad nose, you're frustrated from studying, and to add to that, the smell of cigarettes suddenly fill the air. So P lost his temper in a rather jokingly manner, he was like, "~!@#$% WHICH !@#$%^ SMOKE THEN COME HERE SIA?" (Very Singlish) SURPRISINGLY, the guy who smoked actually replied, "Eh it's me. Pai seh leh brother."

I think the guy was quite nice actually. Anyway, P apologized after that, although it wasn't really his fault. It was really amusing, the whole incident.

Moral of the story: Don't apologise =P.

HAHAHAHA. Also, I know this guy who's on the exchange program. Let's call him A, and he's from Canada. He's a really awesome guy to talk to and hang around with, and he was sharing with my friends and I some interesting things about Canada.

He noticed that Singaporeans don't really voice out their feelings, and then went out to said how, in Canada, people would just say, "This is not what I want." and leave. For example, after ordering food at Burger King, people would just do that.

So he went on to give a very detailed incident. Basically, this girl wanted to get a haircut, so she chose a style she wanted from some magazine, and asked the hairstylist, "I want this hairstyle." So, the hairstylist started cutting her hair and all. At the end of it, the girl just sat there for a long time, looking at her new haircut in the mirror. After a while, she took up the magazine, and told the hairstylist, "This does not look anything like my hairstyle at all!" and walked out of the salon.

Interesting =P.

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