On My Chair, Slumped

I just came to the realization today that no matter how happy I may be, there's always some things that will spoil it. Be it something from the past or present, there will be something. It's just that in the moment of happiness, and during my day to day living, I choose to forget about it, or rather, park it somewhere in my brain so that it wouldn't interfere in my daily activities.

I don't have a perfect family, in fact, my family's far from it. However, throughout the years I've learnt to be happy with what I have. I'm happy that I can get along well with both my parents, although they aren't together. I'm happy that both of them seem to have found their own reasons to go on with their own lives, and I'm trying hard every day to work towards success, so I can make them proud. I see my Mum mostly on weekends (book out from camp), and only meet my Dad around once a month, sometimes less. I try to make an effort to call them whenever I can, but sometimes I'm too caught up in my work or personal life to remember, and I always feel like shit when that happens. I have a sister too, and every time I think of her I wish she'd do something about her life soon. Really, I do. Mum worries about her all the time, and 75% of the time Dad talks to me about her. Sadly, I sometimes wonder if she even realizes how much she's hurting them. I'm just thankful she seems much better now when compared to a year ago or so.

You only live once, and so do your parents. Please think.



Ok, finally an update =). Here's a rundown on my goals and targets for the next 2/3 months.

- Signed up for Class 3. Finally -_-. Parents been asking me, and I've been wondering what the heck I'm going to do for the 2 months after I ORD, and before the start of uni. So I thought, why not? BTT's on 21st of this month, hopefully I pass. Intending to get the license within the next 3 months.

- Exercise and get fitter with each passing day =).

- Finish my books on handwriting analysis. Actually I've finished them, but not thorough enough.

- Update myself on programming/computing related stuff.

Why the sudden goals/targets? I've been thinking, how to improve myself? What skills do I need? What do I like to do? How can I be better? Then I realised, I suck -_-. So yup.

Anyway, I've been sick for the past 3 days, so yup =(. Feeling much better now, should recover soon =). Camp life's been pretty screwed recently. Some people just don't understand anything.

Nevertheless, I feel alive! Get a driving license, get fit, get healthy, learn more stuff every day! Yay! Hahaha =).

Anyway, Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay's really funny. I liked White Castle more though, but G. Bay's worth watching =)! Ironman's pretty good as well. Oh ya, Superhero Movie is a complete waste of money. Ah, the freedom and joys of being on leave ^_^.