God Doesn’t Know Everyone =(

According to MetaFilter, God is online and everyone can chat with him!


Anyway, I am now convinced he doesn’t know everyone =(.

You: you know maclean?
God: No, tell me about him, her or it.

So God doesn’t know my friend. I decided to try Geri instead.

You: You know Geri?
God: I know very little about Geri . What kind of it do you like?
You: she's not an it.
God: not an it is not an it ?

God thought Geri was an it =(! When I tried to tell Him that Geri’s not an it, he went on to confuse me. With that said, God is kind of cool.

You: i am you
God: Impossible unless I am in auto-chat mode.

You: Why do you exist?
God: Reductionism.

You: God is in your heart.
God: Why do you think I am in your heart ?
You: Then where are you?
God: Good reasoning. I am in Heaven. Where are you?
You: Earth!
God: How do you like being on EARTH ?
You: Not a lot. How's Heaven?
God: Really you don't think so?Fine as far as I know.
You: You like Heaven?
God: I like science fiction. I like .

You: Are you everywhere?
God: I am God. I'm watching over you.
You: Thank you.
God: you are quite welcome.

Lol. Have fun people =).

Boy Killed By Chair





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Sigh =(. MY NAME DID NOT EVEN APPEAR ONCE!!! Grouchy Puss appeared more times than me.

I’ve been looking at some photos of some of my old friends, now probably acquaintances, on Facebook, and I realised most of them still stick close together, which is always a nice thing to see =).

Then I realised maybe I’m anti-social. Friends come and go, the truth is often quite sad isn’t it?

On another note, recess week has begun, but the amount of things to study and submit is amazing.



I’m very, very, very tired, and would probably be going to sleep soon, if not for the fact that my hair’s still wet from bathing. I tried going to sleep at 12.40AM yesterday, but fell asleep only after 2AM =(. I had to wake up at 6.30AM today for school. So I reached PGP around 8.30AM, unpacked some stuff, then headed for my first lesson.

Had lessons all the way till 3PM before having lunch. Had a lecture from 4PM to 6PM after that. It ended at 5.30PM, so I returned to my room first, and managed to work out till around 6.20PM. Then I walked from PGP to Computing Club’s room, where we had a meeting. The meeting ended at 7.35PM, but there was some work to be done. Finished it around 9PM. Then I warmed up, and jogged around NUS for one round, before heading to the supper place at PGP. Unfortunately, it was too packed, and I ended up having instant noodles for dinner.

Exercising itself is tiring. Studying itself is tiring. Do both of them and you’re gone. Lol.

On another note, I like my CS2301 Tutorial Class very much! =)

New Relatives!

Well, my auntie Billie managed to find her younger sister after 47 years, which means I’ve a new auntie now! On top of that, I’ve a new cousin too! ^_^


Happy Valentine’s, Heart’s Alone And Covers

I had a wonderful Valentine’s Day with Geri! If I don’t remember wrongly, this is the first Valentine’s I’ve spent with Geri in 2 or 3 years. Also, it’s the first time we spent proper couple time together in a long, long time =). Geri baked me cookies =P!

Also, I realized trying to make a heart using candles is a very tiring job, especially when you try to do it by the beach. Nonetheless, the final result was beautiful, even more so when I’m with Geri =).

Also, I was at the Esplanade on Friday with Geri, and happened to catch the “On The Waterfront” performance from 8.45PM till 9.30PM or so. The band was amazing, singing songs like “Sweet Child Of Mine”, “Stairway To Heaven”, among many others. However, the one performance that really got me was their rendition of Heart’s Alone. As such, I’ve found the following videos below for your viewing pleasure. I’ve previous posted some videos of Zoo performing Bryan Adams’ Heaven, and they’re truly amazing. The bad news? We didn’t manage to get the name of the band, and Esplanade’s website isn’t exactly the most informative. If anyone knows the name of the band, please let me know by tagging, by email, anything at all!

Heart – Alone (Live 1990)

Arnel Pineda – Alone (Zoo Band)

Heart – Alone (ZOO)

Charice And Arnel Pineda – Alone


Pull-Up Bar

I bought a pull-up bar today, and have mounted it. Seems to be very stable so far, but not sure how well it will work out in the long run. Thanks to Qingwei for the suggestion =P!

Also, thank you dearie for spending time with me despite how tired and busy you are ^^. *hugs*

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I’m taking SSS1207 (Natural Heritage of Singapore), and this module encourages us to visit certain places. I’ve uploaded the pictures =P.

Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research

Tanah Merah Reclaimed Land & Beach Vegetation

At the same time, thank you Geri dearie for accompanying me =)!




Forever Lost?

The longest journey
Is the journey inwards.
Of him who has chosen his destiny,
Who has started upon his quest
For the source of his being.

Source: Wikipedia



© Blind Ferret Entertainment — Read More Least I Could Do At LICD.COM

© Blind Ferret Entertainment — Read More Least I Could Do At LICD.COM


All The Best Raj! =)

Raj has left for Australia for his studies, and the next time we see him we probably be in November/December (if we all save enough money each).

It’s going to feel weird from now on every Friday and Saturday =(. We’ll definitely miss you my friend =).

On another note, a couple of things have happened, and a few decisions have been made. Please do not judge and expect everyone to be like you, or agree with your principles. If you are a friend you would NOT be like this.

That’s also precisely why, so many years on, some of us are still amazingly close, but some of you have drifted away. I may not always agree with what you do, in fact, I’ll outright comment on it. However, I will never treat you with any contempt because of that, because friends NEVER do that. Friends stand by one another, regardless of beliefs and principles. Friends will listen, and enjoy one another’s company, despite the very different paths every one of us is walking.

Know where you stand, before you comment. Really. I’m surprised at what you said. Sadly, the person(s) I’m referring to will not even realize it. That’s really the saddest part of all.

No longer will I try to be a pacifist, because if I really were one, I wouldn’t have felt the anger. I really feel stupid for standing up for you when others were against you. Seriously.

With that said, I also realise that throughout these years there have been amazing friends who’ve stood by me, despite all of our busy schedule, and Raj, you’re definitely one of them (although I don’t agree with your ego 95% of the time). All the best, my friend! =)

To all those in the service industry, if you don’t want to lose your job, do you job with a SMILE.