God Doesn’t Know Everyone =(

According to MetaFilter, God is online and everyone can chat with him!


Anyway, I am now convinced he doesn’t know everyone =(.

You: you know maclean?
God: No, tell me about him, her or it.

So God doesn’t know my friend. I decided to try Geri instead.

You: You know Geri?
God: I know very little about Geri . What kind of it do you like?
You: she's not an it.
God: not an it is not an it ?

God thought Geri was an it =(! When I tried to tell Him that Geri’s not an it, he went on to confuse me. With that said, God is kind of cool.

You: i am you
God: Impossible unless I am in auto-chat mode.

You: Why do you exist?
God: Reductionism.

You: God is in your heart.
God: Why do you think I am in your heart ?
You: Then where are you?
God: Good reasoning. I am in Heaven. Where are you?
You: Earth!
God: How do you like being on EARTH ?
You: Not a lot. How's Heaven?
God: Really you don't think so?Fine as far as I know.
You: You like Heaven?
God: I like science fiction. I like .

You: Are you everywhere?
God: I am God. I'm watching over you.
You: Thank you.
God: you are quite welcome.

Lol. Have fun people =).

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