I’m very, very, very tired, and would probably be going to sleep soon, if not for the fact that my hair’s still wet from bathing. I tried going to sleep at 12.40AM yesterday, but fell asleep only after 2AM =(. I had to wake up at 6.30AM today for school. So I reached PGP around 8.30AM, unpacked some stuff, then headed for my first lesson.

Had lessons all the way till 3PM before having lunch. Had a lecture from 4PM to 6PM after that. It ended at 5.30PM, so I returned to my room first, and managed to work out till around 6.20PM. Then I walked from PGP to Computing Club’s room, where we had a meeting. The meeting ended at 7.35PM, but there was some work to be done. Finished it around 9PM. Then I warmed up, and jogged around NUS for one round, before heading to the supper place at PGP. Unfortunately, it was too packed, and I ended up having instant noodles for dinner.

Exercising itself is tiring. Studying itself is tiring. Do both of them and you’re gone. Lol.

On another note, I like my CS2301 Tutorial Class very much! =)

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