It was a Saturday night. He's working his ass off to get the job done, wondering why he is the only one left in the office, less the security guard. Regardless of the work he produces, he does not stand any chance of being promoted any time soon, mainly because he is just a part-timer. Moreover, promotion would mean more work for him to do.

Yet he works on, knowing that he would not be pleased with himself if he were to do something without putting in his effort. He has been like this for his whole life. As long as he's tasked a job, like it or hate it, he will always put in maximum effort. Either that, or not do it at all. There is no in-between. He keeps his focus on his work, less the occasional irritating, and somewhat frustrating thought that his fellow colleagues, and even his boss, the one who gave him such a workload to begin with, are probably hitting the night clubs, or the brothels. The more conservative ones are probably at home typing away at the computer, and the faithful ones are almost definitely making out with their respective partners. Yet, there he is, in the office, trying to get work done.

He knew the price he's paying for choosing work over just about everything else. To make matters worse, he has stayed the night before, burning the midnight oil, trying to complete what's been tasked to him. He has chosen, yet again, to complete his work instead of returning home to his parents, or to his most wonderful girlfriend. He has chosen once again to sacrifice all these, just because he has been tasked with a job.

But he does not get distracted for long. He brushes these thoughts away and quickly returns to his job. Day and night has no meaning for him at this moment. A Monday is no different from a Sunday. He skips meals just to carry on working.

And there he is, typing away as he goes on working. The thought of leaving everything behind hits him briefly. Maybe he'll do it one day. Just, maybe.


=) =(

Alright, I actually won a lucky draw for like the first time in my whole life (I think)! Haha =P. Anyway, I won a Samsung Home Theatre (HT-TQ22), and am giving (or selling =X) it to my dad ^^.

On to another note, I'm having another intake real soon, and won't be able to come out till the 25th =(. Hopefully I'll write something thought-provoking here tomorrow or something, so you all can think about it while I'm gone =P.


Happy New Year 2008!

Yes, I'm writing here instead of hanging out with my friends on the very first day of 2008. Haha. It's been a while since I've been to a countdown anyway, so yup. Anyway, I spent most of the night at Geri's place, till the clock struck 00:00 =)! It's a good feeling spending the very first moment of the New Year with someone so dear, especially when you know, and believe, that there'll be more wonderful times ahead ^^. Also, she finally received the Calvin and Hobbes Collection which I got for her, and I saw it just now. It's a really wonderful collection. Anyone who likes Calvin and Hobbes should get it NOW.

So what's my New Year Resolutions?

1. Manage my time better, so I can spend more time with my loved ones.
2. Get fitter!
3. Plan my life ahead properly, and start working towards it. (Actually I'm more or less sure already, but need to re-align myself as I seem to be drifting away it.)
4. Learn whatever skills I can. Currently, I'm learning Graphology (Handwriting Analysis), which is really interesting.
5. Be more impartial, instead of always letting my heart rule my mind unnecessarily.

I guess that's about it for now. Actually, New Year Resolutions seem kind of stupid when I ask myself, "Why wait till New Year?" Well, better late than never I guess.

I feel like I don't fit in this society at all. I constantly disagree with many things that are already considered the norm, probably because I find it difficult to accept that humans are really that animalistic. I have a habit of writing things in such a way that it doesn't really make much sense, like right now, maybe because most people will disagree with what I've to say anyway. Why drives people to do things they probably already know is not right? Why? Why succumb to the darkness when you've a conscience? Because we only live once? Or because you'd rather fit into the society than to hold onto your beliefs? Then again, what good is a belief if you end up dead because of it? Will it change anything? I don't know.

I hate the fact that I can't express myself properly nowadays, especially on my blog. Damn.