While I’m taking a break from studying, and relaxing a little before going to sleep, here’s a list of stuff I intend to do this holiday:

Geeky Stuff:

  1. Set up Windows 7 and Ubuntu 9.10 (Dual-boot).
  2. Set up Android build environment in Ubuntu 9.10 so I can contribute to some of the system apps, hopefully.
  3. Code out an Android program, will release more details when it’s more solidified.


  1. Exercise at least 3 times a week. I feel flabby.


  1. Spend more time with Bunny Geri <3.
  2. Learn rollerblading from/with her :P.
  3. Batam with The Guys?
  4. Catch up with Kelvin and the rest of the HDKs.

Seems quite reasonable to achieve all of them. Good night world.


Long Boring Post

Sometimes as friends we’d expect the other party(ies) to get the message, but the truth is things are seldom this way. If you want the other person to get it, talk to him or her. Actions may speak louder than words, but people will usually take your actions at face value, thus missing what you’re trying to hint altogether. I think it is sad that we’re in a society where people seldom dare to voice out, and it seems worse when it comes to the people close to us. Just take a look at your daily ride in the MRT or bus. When someone leans against the holding pole, you can clearly see on the faces of the other commuters that they are not very pleased over it, especially if they want to hold onto the pole too. Yet, very few people will actually tell the person off. Recently, I learnt that sometimes, words mean a lot more than actions. It sounds stupid, I know. Imagine you’re with a really wonderful partner. You know from his or her actions that he or she truly loves you, but your partner never once says “I love you” to you. How would you feel?

Another thing I often hear people telling me is “Be the change you want to be.” As always, things are easier said than done. Sometimes I see the people who tell me that NOT practising their own advice. We’re sometimes confined to the restrictions of society, to the point that being and doing the things that define you may often end up with you not having a job, or something as naive as having a group of people to hang out with. In that aspect I’d say we are all hypocrites.

This has been one of the worst semester for me, not in terms of results (no idea about that, really), but in terms of how I feel about it. I don’t feel like I’ve learnt much at all, and all I care about is having a break. This semester also reminded me never to depend on others when it comes to your own responsibilities, not even a little. Humans are peculiar beings. We have a habit of doing unpredictable things and letting people down at times when they really need you. I’ve lost count of the number of times this has happened. As they say, in life, when you die with 5 good friends, you’ve had a great life.

It has been a tiring semester not because of school only, but also due to all the other things that have been happening. When I think about it now, I realized many things that I thought didn’t affect me, in actual fact, actually changed my perception towards many things. I’m glad I realized it now, rather than later. I realized as much as I may seem family-oriented, I have never been one to really express, or actually feel it. That’s why, when I get a chance to play with my cousins recently, I actually feel quite happy.

As you grow older there’s this want (need, maybe?) to do more and more things, but at the same time, time seems to be getting shorter and shorter.

We never truly treasure what we have. The richer people I know are always talking about how their lives suck, about unrequited love, about not having enough money to buy a LV bag, the list goes on. On the other hand, I’ve friends who want to do everything that I feel makes life that much more meaningful, but they:

  1. Can’t do it because they lack the money.
  2. Can’t do it because they lack the money, and are working very hard just to get by, and as a result, lack the time as well.

I find it amazing and sad at the same time. What if, just for a day, the wealth of the rich whiners goes to the poorer ones. I think it’ll be a happier day for all of them. It would make no difference to the whiners since they will still be complaining anyway, and the people with dreams but no money can fulfill their dreams. It’d actually be good for the richer ones, since they may then see that life is much more than their material wants and sad love stories.

I’ve recently seen a lot of people who are blessed with great kids, but are themselves a curse to this kids. Some people shouldn’t be parents. With all of my flaws, including my supposedly bad temper, I think I’d still make a better parent, at least in terms of emotional support. I’m not a parent but I’ve got wonderful parents who do not send me for every damn course they FEEL I should join, or lose their temper at me for doing badly at a test.

I think this is going to be the last post for a while. My exams are coming up in approximately 3 weeks, and being the leader of tomorrow that I always am, I am completely unprepared. Starting right now, I’m going to study. The whole of next week will be dedicated to Math. Have yet to plan out a full timetable, intending to do one soon. In fact, I was reading my Cryptography textbook when I decided to blog.

Well, at the end of the day, this is just another blog post. Good night.



Conversation Between Me and Greg


i sad over my haircut
now damn cock
cut too short
like ns hair

(12:25 AM) wysie is bun's |:

mine also
as in
i cut
then now the sides short
like small beng

(12:25 AM) wysie is bun's |:



mine like


Sent an ink message:


like cock

(12:28 AM) wysie is bun's |:


(12:29 AM) wysie is bun's |:

wah u draw v nice




Sent an ink message:

(12:30 AM) wysie is bun's |:

Sent an ink message:

(12:30 AM) wysie is bun's |:




(12:30 AM) wysie is bun's |:

i suck at drwing leh


if u look like this
i will luff like fuck

(12:31 AM) wysie is bun's |:

Sent an ink message:


Sent an ink message:


like this?

(12:31 AM) wysie is bun's |:

make the sides shorter
but front longer


Sent an ink message:


like this?

(12:32 AM) wysie is bun's |:

ya ya


still ok
compared to mine leh


Sent an ink message:

(12:33 AM) wysie is bun's |:

ok one la


supposed to be mohawk can?



Please forgive the formatting, it was a straight copy and paste :P.



Hello all, been a while. Life’s been quite hectic. I spent the whole of last week trying to finish my diet analysis assignment for one of my modules (GEK1529). The scope/requirements were very vague, and I’ve no idea how much info I should include or not include. Well, in the end I just decided to include as much as I can. I’ve to admit it was a pretty interesting experience. I spent countless hours in the NUS Science Library (first time there!), looking through tables after tables of food composition. On the darker side, I’m behind schedule for almost all my modules now. My time management skills are simply top-notch.

On a brighter note, I decided to finish the next assignment for the module as well, so I can probably ignore this module for a while. Also, it seems most of my assignments are done (ahead of deadline). In fact I think all of them are done, just need to finish up the report, which should not take too long. *hopes someone in the group will do it so i can relax*

Anyway, I watched Funny People yesterday, not a bad show, but not awesome either. Watch it if you’ve a lot of time (it’s 2.5hours). It’s meaningful, but draggy. Also, THIS IS THE SHORTEST WEEKEND I HAVE WITH GERI :(. Ah, well. She got her Doo Doo Milk Biscuit though, lol :D.

I can’t wait for this semester to be over, it feels like the worst one ever (since poly). Lack of focus, lack of results, lack of everything. I don’t even feel like studying. I’d rather spend everyday coding, doing assignments, meeting deadlines, than to revise. They seem to repel me somehow, the lecture notes and the textbooks (and honestly, some of the lecturers too). We need good lecturers, good teachers, not good researchers :(.

I seem to have lost my confidence completely, when it comes to studies. I keep telling myself, I’ll change everything when this semester ends. The fact is, I should just do it now. So stop f-ing around, Mr Wysie :D.


Good night all!


Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down. - Oprah Winfrey

How true :). I had a wonderful evening/night with Geri the Bun and my awesome friends who I’m sure are willing to take the bus with me :P.

Also, I actually found the RMIT event pretty enjoyable, although I was only involved in like 0.0001% of it. For some reason the way the students behave made me smile, even though I usually dislike noise. I think it’s because it reminds me of my polytechnic days, something I can never dream of seeing in my own school, very sadly.

Geri is an awesome speaker :P! I’m so proud of my Bun! Haha :D. Words can’t describe how awesome she is to me ^^.

On another note, I watched Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs with Geri yesterday. It’s a VERY good show :). I think it’s especially true that sometimes we find it very hard to express what we really feel, and end up using corny words, or worse, hurtful words, when what we really want to say is, “I care. Please be fine.” With that said, I think it’s better that we are this way, instead of the crap I hear in life sometimes, like “You’re the best, bro.” every single time they meet, or some other similar crap, you know what I mean. On the other hand, of course it’s good to speak your mind/heart more often :). Just don’t be a wanna-be :P.

I accept the very sad fact that I don’t like my school life. You know it sucks when I like my modules more than some of the people I know :). Not like it matters a lot to me anymore. Some things just aren’t worth your time. Don’t even bother to try and understand. If people like to cause pain and drama for themselves, why should you care?

Also, I was a partial fashion disaster today. I’ve learnt my lesson not to mix stripes with checkers :P, although I still think it looked pretty ok *beams with pride*. Thanks for the advice though :D.

With regards to my midterm, I shall work harder :).


Recently I had my MA1521 mid-term, which I screwed up and am sure I will fail. It sucks because I really put in a lot of effort into it, much more than any module, and I skipped an entire week of lessons at NTU so I can focus on it.

The worst part is that it's not that I don't know how to do, but for some reason I made ridiculous careless mistakes that cost me, a lot. It's a MCQ, so if you're wrong, that's it. No working marks, no nothing.

So I'm probably getting less than 10% for this 20% weightage test, and I've to somehow get 80% for the final.

Some stupid mistakes I made include seeing a t as 1, differentiating a constant and somehow it remains a constant instead of 0.

The only good news is that hopefully whatever I've learnt helps me for the final paper.

Sigh. Have to get over this shitty feeling somehow. If I was just clueless, it wouldn't have been this bad. It's bad because I knew how to do them, yet I f-up. As they always say, suck it up, move on. I know.


:( =( :[ =[

About 2 years ago Geri gave me a picture of us, nicely framed, and puzzled-dized (is there such a word?). Since then, I’ve always displayed it at the top of one of my shelves.

Today, after a tiring day, I bought dinner home. As I turned on the fan, and began taking out my wallet and all, the picture frame dropped, and shattered beside me, narrowly missing my head.

I am very sad.

Good thing is the picture, though a puzzle, is still perfectly intact.

It was like one of those moments from a movie, whereby someone representing a couple will suddenly break or drop in the presence of one of them signifying a bad omen for them :(. I hope none of that happens.

I shall look on the bright side! The puzzle is still complete :D, and I’m safe!



Cleaned up the blog layout, removed a couple of unnecessary stuff ^^. Anyway, I had a wonderful birthday celebration yesterday :D! Thank you everyone!

Dinner was @ Sunset Bay @ ECP. When I arrived I saw two Hello Kitty Happy Birthday balloons. One was for me, and the other for Jeremy. Also, I received a picnic mat, a picnic bag, and some food, and of course a voucher for going to Jazz By The Beach :P. Haha.

I had Tropicana Chicken (or something like that) for dinner. Mac, Jeremy, Chin Ming and Kenny had it as well. I’m not a food person, so I don’t know how to rate it, but I’d say it’s good but a little too dry. Geri had a platter of nuggets, samosa and fries, and we all helped to finish it :P. Greg had fish filet, while Pate as usual, decided to have salad. Haha. Jeremy’s friends, Adeline and Nick, had spaghetti and fish filet respectively.

The birthday cake came after dinner, and it was very nice! Haha :D.

Dearie and Pate had to leave 1/2 way to send Joanna off, and we had to walk quite far just to get a cab. Sunset Bay’s really a little inaccessible if you aren’t driving. After Jeremy and I sent Pate and Geri off, we went back to Sunset Bay where the rest of the people were. Shortly after, I realised my Hello Kitty balloon was missing :(! The weight holding it down was on the floor though. The string holding it must have snapped, and Hello Kitty flew to the heavens. Lol.

Shortly after, Adeline, Nick and Kenny left, while the rest of us decided to walk to McDonald’s. It was far, but fun :D. Chin Ming and Mac actually survived the walk :X! Geri and Pate returned to join us soon after.

Initially, we walked to McDonald’s as we wanted to find a place (any one of the benches in ECP) to sit down and drink. The weather forecast showed that it may rain at night, so we wanted shelter (McDonald’s) in case it rains. However, there were no empty benches, and we ended up ordering drinks from McDonald’s, and mixing it with the Hennessy :D. Lol. We then played some drinking games for the rest of the night.

That’s about it! Words can’t describe everything, but thank you people for the memories :D.

On another note, if people don’t do the things you expect/think/believe/hope they will do, there’s nothing you can do either, right? So I’ve learnt to just accept it :D.


For those of you who’ve yet to seen this, I highly suggest you do!


Although it was written for his students, I find that a lot of the things written inside applies to all of us, student or not, and some of it actually hit me quite hard, while others just make me smile. It’s real nice, and among the list, those that mean a lot or make a lot of sense to me are:

1. Your friends will change a lot over the next four years. Let them.

2. Call someone you love back home a few times a week, even if just for a few minutes.

5. Adjust your schedule around when you are most productive and creative. If you're nocturnal and do your best work late at night, embrace that. It may be the only time in your life when you can.

6. If you write your best papers the night before they are due, don't let people tell you that you "should be more organized" or that you "should plan better." Different things work for different people. Personally, I worked best under pressure - so I always procrastinated... and always kicked ass (which annoyed my friends to no end). ;-) Use the freedom that comes with not having grades first semester to experiment and see what works best for you.

7. At least a few times in your college career, do something fun and irresponsible when you should be studying. The night before my freshman year psych final, my roommate somehow scored front row seats to the Indigo Girls at a venue 2 hours away. I didn't do so well on the final, but I haven't thought about psych since 1993. I've thought about the experience of going to that show (with the guy who is now my son's godfather) at least once a month ever since.

14. Embrace the differences between you and your classmates. Always be asking yourself, "what can I learn from this person?" More of your education will come from this than from any classroom.

17. Working things out between friends is best done in person, not over email. (IM does not count as "in person.") Often someone's facial expressions will tell you more than his/her words.

23. It's important to think about the future, but it's more important to be present in the now. You won't get the most out of college if you think of it as a stepping stone.

24. When you're living on a college campus with 400 things going on every second of every day, watching TV is pretty much a waste of your time and a waste of your parents' money. If you're going to watch, watch with friends so at least you can call it a "valuable social experience."

28. Every once in awhile, there will come an especially powerful moment when you can actually feel that an experience has changed who you are. Embrace these, even if they are painful.

29. No matter what your political or religious beliefs, be open-minded. You're going to be challenged over the next four years in ways you can't imagine, across all fronts. You can't learn if you're closed off.

31. Don't always lead. It's good to follow sometimes.

41. Make a complete ass of yourself at least once, preferably more. It builds character.

As I was reading through the list, I realised I’ve stopped doing many things on the list that I once did. It’s quite sad really, and I’m going to do something about it.

Do read the list, some of it MAY seem like common sense, but common sense isn’t really common nowadays. Most people are on the extremes. Either they give everything and everyone up just to study, or they give up completely on their studies and university becomes just a social gathering ground…



You think you’re on the right track, that you’re focused, then you realised you’ve been using the wrong map all along. What next?

I seriously need to reconsider my priorities but life moves at a pace far too quickly for me to catch up. Time to change lanes I guess. Time to let go.

At times I wish I was better-natured. I hate it when I lose or get close to losing my temper.

But oh well, life’s just a joke sometimes. A big joke. Sometimes I think it’s true that a leopard cannot change its spots.

I read that the purpose of life is a life of purpose, but I’m unable to define “purpose”. I never seem to be contented, despite some of my achievements. I don’t seem to appreciate many things. It’s like there’s never enough. I feel like skipping school tomorrow.

Ah, screw it :).

The truth is I love conflicts. I think conflicts promote progress. Too bad I often find myself avoiding them as well. For some reason I don’t know. Acting nice, maybe.


Update ^^

It’s been forever since I updated, so here’s one. I’ve been wanting to update, and I’m always full of things to write, but everytime I start typing I end up surfing the net and forgetting what to blog about.

So the first week of school just ended. I’m currently on exchange to NTU. There’re some things I prefer in NTU, some things I prefer in NUS. With that said, it’s been pretty ok so far. Nothing really exciting, but nothing really bad either.

I’ve been spending most of my holidays on Android-related stuff, and I seriously *LOVE* the Android platform. It’s amazing :P. Anyway, I’d probably start a blog with Android-related stuff, but then again I think I lack the discipline to update it properly.

On another note, I went over to Geri’s place to help with making some pre-mixed Oreo cake. I now have lots of respect for people who bake :D. It’s so troublesome!

There’s so much more stuff to actually rant about, but who gives a shit :). Live your life to the fullest!

Edit: Sing Dollars is awesome :).


I find it ridiculous, and mildly entertaining the extent to which some of the guys I know go to show they’re “gentlemenly”. Wake up your damn idea.

It’s amusing and very sad that most of them have this misconception that talking to a girl implies that you like her. Life is really sad this way, you know? Are your lives lacking so much that you feel the need to have unnecessary drama?

I want to blog and use so much profanities that I don’t feel like blogging after all. Get the idea?

I realised I don’t smile or laugh as much as I used to.

This is screwed up.



Hi all, it's been a long time since I've posted anything at all. I finally have a good break since I started school last year, but it's not much of a break to be honest.

I got a HTC Magic and a MacBook Pro 13-inch recently, and both of them are amazing gadgets! I shall blog more some other time.

On a more important note, it's been 3 years and 11 months since I got with my wonderful Geri! ^_^



Hi all, it’s been a while since I updated. Exams are over, and results will be out on 29 May. Wish me luck!

On another note, today’s my first day of school (again), as I'm taking a module during NUS Special Sem I (Sem III). I still feel like I haven’t rested enough, but well =). Today’s a productive day! I met Yan Hao at 8.30AM for a jog, went for my lesson at 10AM. Ended at 12PM. Wanted to settle some stuff but the right people weren’t around. Watched Horsemen at VivoCity at 2.40PM. Quite a good show, I liked it. Finished reading 2 books “Chicken Soup for the Couple’s Soul” and “The Five People You Meet in Heaven”. Sent out a couple of emails that I’ve dragged for too long. Am very tired. So yup, that’s my day so far.

I went to Fort Canning Park (FCP) on Saturday to watch “Much Ado About Nothing” with Geri dearie! I enjoyed the play! Adrian Pang’s really good, and the rest of the cast were quite amazing as well! However, I’m seriously not much of a picnic person. When I look at how the people around us, mostly foreigners, were enjoying themselves, I can’t help but wonder. Haha =).

On a similar note, I may want to watch Sing Dollars!


Cute Kitty


Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net

On a more serious note, my first paper’s tomorrow. I miss Geri =(.


Test 2


Multimedia message

Test post with random pic from mobile.


(Proper) Update

I haven’t really posted for a while, so here’s one. I’m having my first paper on April 28, followed by another on April 29. My third paper’s on May 2. Fourth paper’s on May 4, and my last paper’s on May 5. Challenging!

I hate the way it’s scheduled though. Due to my paper on May 2, I won’t be able to accompany Geri for her cousin’s wedding on May 1, which really sucks, considering she has been looking forward to it so much, and I’ve tailored a shirt for that event as well. Well =(. Honestly, it’s all about priorities, but sometimes I really don’t have much of a choice.

Also, Geri’s bestie, Chrystal, will probably be giving birth sometime around that period. Hopefully I’ll have a little free time.

On to another topic, I seriously dislike some taxi drivers. I often hear them complaining, that when the price doesn’t drop they’re also losing business, etc. etc. It’s all bullshit. Honestly, I don’t care whether you’re making as much money as you’d like, but for **** sake do your job well.

About 2 weeks ago Geri had a bad case of hyperventilation. Yes, it’s just hyperventilation, some people might say, but at that point in time I was really worried that it had something to do with the heart. Of course, many taxis just drove by. Yes, I know, how are they supposed to know it was an emergency? But that’s not the main point. The main point is they do not stop. They only want passengers during peak hours, and they complain they don’t have enough passengers.

Just 3 days ago, I shared a cab with Chin Ming, Jeremy, and of course, Geri. The taxi driver sucks. He wanted us to get down initially as he said he was rushing for time. So we said, “Ok.” As we were getting down he asked where we were going. We told him the 4 places (one for each of us) to take us to, and he said “Ok”. Throughout the journey he was unhappy. Apparently, after we all left, except for Chin Ming, the bloody driver complained to his friend over the phone that we’re wasting his time. For **** sake, don’t do it with a customer in your car.

Of course, the list goes on. A search in Google will result in many more stories. Also, I’m just generalizing, and I know there’re some really nice taxi drivers, but they are rare.

So, stop complaining, just drive, and do your job with a smile. Asshole(s).

Last but not least, I will be missing my Geri and friends and family during these 2 weeks or so very much =(. And the previous post is dedicated to Geri. I’m sure you already know that love =).


When I Need You

When I need you
I just close my eyes and I’m with you
And all that I so want to give you
It’s only a heartbeat away

When I need love
I hold out my hands and I touch love
I never knew there was so much love
Keeping me warm night and day

Miles and miles of empty space in between us
The telephone can’t take the place of your smile
But you know I won’t be travelin’ forever
It’s cold out, but hold out, and do like I do

When I need you
I just close my eyes and I’m with you
And all that I so wanna give you babe
It’s only a heartbeat away

It’s not easy when the road is your driver
Honey that’s a heavy load that we bear
But you know I won’t be traveling a lifetime
It’s cold out but hold out and do like I do
Oh, I need you

When I need love
I hold out my hands and I touch love
I never knew there was so much love
Keeping me warm night and day

When I need you
I just close my eyes
And you’re right here by my side
Keeping me warm night and day

I just hold out my hands
I just hold out my hand
And I’m with you darlin’
Yes, I’m with you darlin’
And all I wanna give you
It’s only a heartbeat away
Oh I need you darling
Oh I need you darling

Source: SongMeanings


Update, Yay?

Been a while since I updated, have been really busy recently. That’s all.

After a while, you just stop caring. After all, they don’t see you.

That’s all, good night.


Update =)

I had a good weekend with the perfect girlfriend =). It’s magical, how 3 years and 8 months down the road, it still feels like our first date every single time I meet her. Our relationship feels like a honeymoon that never ends =P. I love you Geri!

I love and enjoy the fact that we talk about almost everything =)!

On another note, it’s amusing and saddening when you talk to an old friend/acquaintance/enemy/classmate/whatever and he or she says stuff like, “You’ve changed.” You know what? If I did, where were you when I was facing all the shit and had to change as a result? Even more irritating are people who have betrayed you coming to talk to you as though nothing ever happened. I feel like a hypocrite talking to them, seriously. I resolve to have the strength to blank these people in future.

I have spent a lot of time reflecting, too much in fact, and I think it’s a waste of time. I look back at my secondary school and polytechnic days, at all my “friends” who conveniently left me when I was truly down. Yet, through these years, I never really blamed them. After all, I wasn’t strong enough. It’s only now that I truly dislike them. Why? Because it’s sad how they come and talk to you like nothing ever happened. Or even worse, they don’t talk to you. They only ask you questions when they need help. Friends?

I remember I used to have a couple of good friends from primary school. We went on to the same secondary school together, and of course, made a whole new lot of friends, and all of us used to be close together. Old friends and new friends alike. Then I started mixing with “bad company”, whom till today, are one of my closest friends, my HDKs. Bad company my ass. At least they are true as friends. What about the whole lot of friends? Well, I’ve no idea till today. For some reason I was outcasted. Rumours are a powerful thing. It’s sad because I thought you all were friends. Obviously I was wrong.

I’m not saying any of these with any grudges. It’s just interesting when I look back at everything that I’ve been through, at who are the people who’ve stood by me, and who are those that did not. After all, without sadness, what is happiness?

And for that reason alone, I am very thankful for some of the friends I have right now. You know who you are. If you’re doubtful then you probably aren’t one of them =). Friends have no need for doubts.

On yet another note, this semester has been going pretty well for me so far. I’m thankful, shall not complain too much =).

Have a good day people =).


  • Contact lens came out during lecture.
  • Got a headache due to it.
  • Came back, wore a new pair, and went back to school to study.
  • Forgot to have dinner.
  • That’s about it.

Amusing really.

friend: a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard. From Dictionary.com

How true, sadly.

Within Temptation - Frozen

I can't feel my senses
I just feel the cold
All colours seem to fade away
I can't reach my soul

I would stop running
If I knew there was a chance
It tears me apart to sacrifice it all
But I'm forced to let go

Tell me I'm frozen
But what can I do?
Can't tell the reasons
I did it for you

When lies turn into truth
I sacrifice for you
You say that I am frozen
But what can I do?
I can feel your sorrow
(I sacrifice)
You won't forgive me
But I know you'll be alright
It tears me apart that you will never know
But I have to let go

Tell me I'm frozen
But what can I do?
Can't tell the reasons
I did it for you

When lies turn into truth
I sacrifice for you
You say that I am frozen
But what can I do?

Everything will slip away
Shattered pieces will remain
When memories fade into emptiness
Only time will tell its tale
If it all has been in vain

I can't feel my senses
I just feel the cold

But what can I do?

Tell me I'm frozen
But what can I do?
Can't tell the reasons
I did it for you

When lies turn into truth
I sacrifice for you
You say that I am frozen


Source: SongMeaning


Actions Can’t Speak After All

I honestly don’t think the saying “Actions speak louder than words.” hold in today’s world.

Successful people are usually good public speakers. Do they always honour their words? Go figure. I could care less about that.

I’m just amused and disheartened (is that possible?) at the same time that despite what I’ve done for others, their impression of me drastically changes because of some things I said. Well, it doesn’t really matter now.

Learn to speak well, don’t be yourself. I’m sure people will like you more that way.


Being sick seriously sucks. Last Friday, I had flu. On Saturday, I felt better. On Sunday, I was fine, but while I was out with Geri, I suddenly felt giddy. Had some problems sleeping, and on Monday morning, I was still giddy, so I decided to skip my first lecture to sleep instead. I felt better in the afternoon and evening. Then yesterday, I had flu again, accompanied by his good friend, fever. This is seriously shitty. I'm feeling better today, but not completely good.

The best part? This is one of my busiest week yet, and I am unable to do a single thing because of my stupid health.


My room’s light is spoilt =(. Just when I wanted to read a book to sleep. What the heck.

Anyway, don’t let your kinkiness take control over your common sense:


While browsing Gizmodo, I came across two very nice videos, check them out here:



Lastly, Geri drew something for me =P:



2 papers down, 1 to go. Although things haven’t been going well =|. Anyway, more importantly, I miss Geri =(.


Light Painting, Funny Video (At End)

I recently had a retreat with the FOW Committee, and Edwin introduced something called light painting to us. It was really fun! =)

Mine’s The Top Right One, Green Colour:


I’m The O:



I’m The 9:




My Numerous Attempts At Drawing A Heart:

I Forgot To Switch Off My Torch:


Tried To Draw A Heart With Eyes, Someone Drew A Pig Behind Me =(.


Sadly, Someone Drew A Nicer Heart Than Me (Can’t Remember Who):


My Best Attempt:


Lastly, LOL:


God Doesn’t Know Everyone =(

According to MetaFilter, God is online and everyone can chat with him!


Anyway, I am now convinced he doesn’t know everyone =(.

You: you know maclean?
God: No, tell me about him, her or it.

So God doesn’t know my friend. I decided to try Geri instead.

You: You know Geri?
God: I know very little about Geri . What kind of it do you like?
You: she's not an it.
God: not an it is not an it ?

God thought Geri was an it =(! When I tried to tell Him that Geri’s not an it, he went on to confuse me. With that said, God is kind of cool.

You: i am you
God: Impossible unless I am in auto-chat mode.

You: Why do you exist?
God: Reductionism.

You: God is in your heart.
God: Why do you think I am in your heart ?
You: Then where are you?
God: Good reasoning. I am in Heaven. Where are you?
You: Earth!
God: How do you like being on EARTH ?
You: Not a lot. How's Heaven?
God: Really you don't think so?Fine as far as I know.
You: You like Heaven?
God: I like science fiction. I like .

You: Are you everywhere?
God: I am God. I'm watching over you.
You: Thank you.
God: you are quite welcome.

Lol. Have fun people =).

Boy Killed By Chair





My Wordle based on the latest RSS feed (latest posts):


Geri’s Wordle based on the latest RSS feed (latest posts):


Sigh =(. MY NAME DID NOT EVEN APPEAR ONCE!!! Grouchy Puss appeared more times than me.

I’ve been looking at some photos of some of my old friends, now probably acquaintances, on Facebook, and I realised most of them still stick close together, which is always a nice thing to see =).

Then I realised maybe I’m anti-social. Friends come and go, the truth is often quite sad isn’t it?

On another note, recess week has begun, but the amount of things to study and submit is amazing.



I’m very, very, very tired, and would probably be going to sleep soon, if not for the fact that my hair’s still wet from bathing. I tried going to sleep at 12.40AM yesterday, but fell asleep only after 2AM =(. I had to wake up at 6.30AM today for school. So I reached PGP around 8.30AM, unpacked some stuff, then headed for my first lesson.

Had lessons all the way till 3PM before having lunch. Had a lecture from 4PM to 6PM after that. It ended at 5.30PM, so I returned to my room first, and managed to work out till around 6.20PM. Then I walked from PGP to Computing Club’s room, where we had a meeting. The meeting ended at 7.35PM, but there was some work to be done. Finished it around 9PM. Then I warmed up, and jogged around NUS for one round, before heading to the supper place at PGP. Unfortunately, it was too packed, and I ended up having instant noodles for dinner.

Exercising itself is tiring. Studying itself is tiring. Do both of them and you’re gone. Lol.

On another note, I like my CS2301 Tutorial Class very much! =)

New Relatives!

Well, my auntie Billie managed to find her younger sister after 47 years, which means I’ve a new auntie now! On top of that, I’ve a new cousin too! ^_^


Happy Valentine’s, Heart’s Alone And Covers

I had a wonderful Valentine’s Day with Geri! If I don’t remember wrongly, this is the first Valentine’s I’ve spent with Geri in 2 or 3 years. Also, it’s the first time we spent proper couple time together in a long, long time =). Geri baked me cookies =P!

Also, I realized trying to make a heart using candles is a very tiring job, especially when you try to do it by the beach. Nonetheless, the final result was beautiful, even more so when I’m with Geri =).

Also, I was at the Esplanade on Friday with Geri, and happened to catch the “On The Waterfront” performance from 8.45PM till 9.30PM or so. The band was amazing, singing songs like “Sweet Child Of Mine”, “Stairway To Heaven”, among many others. However, the one performance that really got me was their rendition of Heart’s Alone. As such, I’ve found the following videos below for your viewing pleasure. I’ve previous posted some videos of Zoo performing Bryan Adams’ Heaven, and they’re truly amazing. The bad news? We didn’t manage to get the name of the band, and Esplanade’s website isn’t exactly the most informative. If anyone knows the name of the band, please let me know by tagging, by email, anything at all!

Heart – Alone (Live 1990)

Arnel Pineda – Alone (Zoo Band)

Heart – Alone (ZOO)

Charice And Arnel Pineda – Alone


Pull-Up Bar

I bought a pull-up bar today, and have mounted it. Seems to be very stable so far, but not sure how well it will work out in the long run. Thanks to Qingwei for the suggestion =P!

Also, thank you dearie for spending time with me despite how tired and busy you are ^^. *hugs*

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I’m taking SSS1207 (Natural Heritage of Singapore), and this module encourages us to visit certain places. I’ve uploaded the pictures =P.

Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research

Tanah Merah Reclaimed Land & Beach Vegetation

At the same time, thank you Geri dearie for accompanying me =)!




Forever Lost?

The longest journey
Is the journey inwards.
Of him who has chosen his destiny,
Who has started upon his quest
For the source of his being.

Source: Wikipedia



© Blind Ferret Entertainment — Read More Least I Could Do At LICD.COM

© Blind Ferret Entertainment — Read More Least I Could Do At LICD.COM


All The Best Raj! =)

Raj has left for Australia for his studies, and the next time we see him we probably be in November/December (if we all save enough money each).

It’s going to feel weird from now on every Friday and Saturday =(. We’ll definitely miss you my friend =).

On another note, a couple of things have happened, and a few decisions have been made. Please do not judge and expect everyone to be like you, or agree with your principles. If you are a friend you would NOT be like this.

That’s also precisely why, so many years on, some of us are still amazingly close, but some of you have drifted away. I may not always agree with what you do, in fact, I’ll outright comment on it. However, I will never treat you with any contempt because of that, because friends NEVER do that. Friends stand by one another, regardless of beliefs and principles. Friends will listen, and enjoy one another’s company, despite the very different paths every one of us is walking.

Know where you stand, before you comment. Really. I’m surprised at what you said. Sadly, the person(s) I’m referring to will not even realize it. That’s really the saddest part of all.

No longer will I try to be a pacifist, because if I really were one, I wouldn’t have felt the anger. I really feel stupid for standing up for you when others were against you. Seriously.

With that said, I also realise that throughout these years there have been amazing friends who’ve stood by me, despite all of our busy schedule, and Raj, you’re definitely one of them (although I don’t agree with your ego 95% of the time). All the best, my friend! =)

To all those in the service industry, if you don’t want to lose your job, do you job with a SMILE.


Tag =\

Rule: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 16 random things, facts, habits or goals about you. At the end choose 16 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, its because I want to know more about you.

1. I am often late in meeting people I’m very close with, but always early in meeting newly-acquainted people.

2. I dislike noise and crowds.

3. I am very into technology and geeky stuff.

4. I’m hot-tempered, but usually at the wrong people.

5. I’m usually very random.

6. I lose interest in things very quickly, although I also get into new hobbies very quickly.

7. I’d love to be carefree, and get the shit out of the rat race in future. At the same time, I can imagine what I can do with money, so perhaps I won’t quit the rat race so quickly =P.

8. I can be very superficial, and sometimes I enjoy being so. My eyes will hurt if I have to look beyond the skin for everyone.

9. I think the glass is empty sometimes, but the jug is always full =P.

10. I love (almost) any genre of music and dace, but I can’t play any musical instrument or dance for nuts.

11. I love socializing, yet hate it at the same time. Hard to explain, really.

12. I always wonder who, what, when, where, why, and how?

13. I love psychology and sociology, and am usually quite amused or impressed by how people come up with various theories.

14. No, the world doesn’t revolve around any of you. I dislike self-centred people.

15. I don’t like being tagged, but because Geri tagged me I’ve no choice. I love her and am very happy today’s our 3.5 years together.

16. Don’t take me seriously unless you know (or think you know) me well enough =P. Misunderstandings will arise and I hate unnecessary conflicts ^_^.

Ok, that’s all. I’m too lazy to find 16 people who’s willing to tag. Freedom of tag, anyone? =\

UniSIM =\

A couple of my good friends study at UniSIM, and they have been having problems accessing the site in Firefox.

UniSIM Attack Site?

A search in Google shows the following:

UniSIM Google

=\. Some more searching in Google shows the following:

Among many others. Just try search terms like “unisim attack site”, “unisim firefox problem”, etc.

I just hope that things will be fixed soon. Also, most of the forum posts, as well as my friends, have noted that while you will be able to access the site using Internet Explorer, their AVs (Avira, NOD32, among others) detected a virus on the site. Hopefully it’s just a false positive.

Ok Ok I Get It

My Mum woke me up at 6am, thinking that I wanted to go school early! =( She even prepared breakfast! So I woke up at 6am, had breakfast, and went back to sleep at 7am. Oh, I should add that I slept at 3am last night.

Anyway, I woke up at 9am again, due to the very noisy construction work taking place at my block. I always thought that they could only start at 10am? Shall look into it later =P. I managed to force myself back to sleep, only to be disturbed at 10.30am again!

I get it. It’s time to wake up. Damn it =P.


Lenovo Ad =\

I might be a little late on this, but wtf?



I just came back from my Dad’s side, and took a cab driven by a highly irresponsible and vulgar taxi driver. Well, instead of slowing down when making a turn, he decided to speed up. At that time, it was showing the Green Man, which means it’s supposed to be the pedestrians turn to cross. As Murphy would have it, a young man decided to cross the road, and the taxi driver had to do an emergency brake. Instead of feeling ashamed he decided to engage in a staring competition with the young man crossing the road, all the while spouting words that I abstain from on CNY!

The best part? He decided to end his speech on how irresponsible the young man was after he realised that my cousin and I were not interested, and he ended by saying, “THANKFULLY GOD IS WITH ME!” I guess he meant that if God wasn’t with him he would not have braked on time. It’s just amusing how he kept on ranting that it’s the young man’s fault, and how he would be able to bring this case to court should an accident occur. Maybe I should’ve been a nice person and told him that the pedestrian Green Man was on =\. The part when we paid for the taxi fare was amusing. He didn’t even turn around when collecting money, and was breathing very heavily. No idea why.

Seriously. Oh, buy 6235 for 4D. Maybe God is with that number too.

On another note, I’ve make-up tutorial this Saturday =(.

On yet another note, I had a good reunion dinner at my Mum’s side today. Sister came back for dinner, and I’m really glad my Mum and Sis talked =). After that, my Sis and I went down to my Dad’s side, and then went over to my Uncle Edwin’s side for a while, before returning to my Dad’s side. I had a good chat with my Grandma =).

I learnt people tend to place things in the context in which it’s easiest for them to understand. A good example would be when I was telling a friend of mine I needed to go to both my Mum’s and Dad’s side for reunion dinner. His reply was something like “You’re so greedy!”

Lol. Of course it’s not his fault. But close friends of mine would know why I need to go both sides =). I used to dread CNY because of this. But times have changed, and I’ve learnt to looked at things in a more positive light.

Finally, here’s to a Happy & Prosperous Chinese New Year! Make sure you buy 6235! LOL =).



First Week Of School

One week of school has passed, and I’m still in holiday-mode =(. Well, I resolve to fix this by next week (which is the start of the tutorials and labs and everything else).

On another note, I realised over last weekend that the time I have to spend with Geri is really little =(. Add my family and friends to the list of people I’d love to spend time with, and there’s simply too little time. Nonetheless, I believe with proper time management I’d be able to find more time =).

Sometimes I think what I lack is hope.


Soh Ru Tan

I am Soh Ru Tan, thanks to a certain idiot =P.


I’ve resolved to spend at most $10 a day, and it seems to be working well so far =).


Alphaville – Forever Young

I wish our generation had more meaningful songs like this, instead of the usual raging hormones kind of songs. Or songs that sound so happy although it’s about a sad breakup. Bla bla.


AMK Hub, Singapore Zoo, Marina Barrage, Changi Airport, All In One Day

Today's damn tiring, but it feels good to try something different every now and then! I woke up around 8.30AM, fell back asleep till 9AM, and met Geri at Bedok MRT Station at 9.50AM instead of the initially planned 9.30AM (sorry dear =P).

Took the MRT to Ang Mo Kio, and reached around 10.40AM or so. Mac and Greg had already reached (surprise =X). Anyway, I got quite irritating irritated by the DBS staff, for being so helpful in telling me that the machine has no cash after I've queued up for 15 minutes? It didn't help that the DBS machine at AMK Hub's basement has a minimum limit of $200. Thankfully, Mac lead us to the POSB machine nearby. Took a cab down to the Singapore Zoo, where the adventure began.

I might post some pictures up once I get hold of them, although I think I'll probably just direct you all to either Geri's or Mac's site. Lol. It was really fun, although my legs were really tired. We walked literally non-stop from 12PM till 6PM, except for a 20 min lunch break. The white tigers are really majestic. The lions were lazy though. During the feeding time a piece of meat actually hit the lion right in his face, and he didn't even bother. On the other hand, the white tigers leap/jump to catch the food using their paws/mouths. Lazy lions =(.

The rest of the animals were very interesting in their own right, especially the Hamadryas Baboons. Greg, Geri, and I saw something that's not very nice to see. Lol =P.

The Zoo trip was really fun, except for two incidents. The first incident when this asshole had to say really loudly "No flash allowed" to his friend, after I took a picture with flash. I know it's not really right to take pictures with flash, but that picture was seriously an exception. I told him straight that I was the one who used the flash, and instead of talking to me like a man should, he acted like he didn't hear me and started telling his friend that if he uses flash the animals will get angry. Look, not everyone gives a shit about your DSLR and l33t photography skills. It's really amazing considering you or your friends even declared loudly that "Monkeys come from humans." =) Seriously, if you want to be an ass and all, talk to me in the face.

Secondly, the Ben & Jerry's at Kids World. WTF? That's all I can say.

At the end of the zoo trip at 6pm, I think most of us wanted to go home, but after some discussion, we ended up taking a Ah Beng Uncle's taxi back to Mac's place. That uncle was talking on the phone about a lot of crap that's not really nice for his customers to hear. ATTP asshole. Anyway, Mac then took his car keys and drove us to Marina Barrage. The journey there was a navigational experience for me. Lol. Marina Barrage is nice. Nice wind, nice lights, nice all. Just remember to bring your own food. Seriously.

We then decided to head down to ECP for dinner, but along the way, Geri decided for us to go to Changi Airport instead. We had Popeye's, and met one of the most ungracious people ever. Basically, we had all gotten our food and were already eating. This asshole sitting beside us stood up, and as he took his bag and turned, his bag hit Greg's drink, which caused it to topple and spill all over his food. This asshole's wife saw it happening, and instead of apologizing (I thought she did, must be dreaming), she simply told her husband, "Eh your bag." So what did this guy do? He turned around, said "Oh", DIDN'T EVEN BOTHER TO APOLOGIZE, and walked around. I don't know why Greg and I said "Never mind", but I think it was the right choice. Mac and Geri were very insistent that we should've told them off, and got that asshole to apologize, but I seriously feel it's a waste of time. No point talking to this kind of people, wasting our time, and possibly screwing up the mood even more. Still, now that I think about it... _|_. The best part is he's with his wife, and a kid. Talk about setting a good example.

We then walked around for a while, before Mac sent all of us home. Reached home around 11pm. Lol. Thank you Mac for the free tickets to the zoo, and the rides =).



Met up with my HDKs after such a long time, and it's always nice to see your old friends =). I've known Kel for 13 years, and Boon and Jove for 8 years or so. Although it's true that the quality of a friendship is more important than the quantity, it's always good to know that these are friends who've stood by you through the years. Had dinner at Downtown East's Food Court (Joven and I wanted Subway, Kelvin was neutral, but Boon was VERY against Subway), which is something very uncommon for me. I just don't like food courts for some reason. Coffeeshops are okay, but food courts are no-no. Thankfully, the chicken chop I had was quite good.

After that, we went to Pasir Ris Town Park and had some drinks, chit-chat for a little while, before I left to meet Mac, Greg and Raj. Similarly, these 3 are friends I've known for 5 years or so, and everytime I look back it's a wonderful feeling.

Although I do not always agree with what my friends choose to do with their lives, I'm always thankful that they never force it upon me, nor try to convince me that what they're doing is right. In fact, some of them probably know how not right it is, but well, it's their choice, and just remember, don't ever do things that you'll live to regret.

Kel will be flying around a lot this year, while Boon will be hard at work, and Jove will be working and studying. It's going to be hard to meet up, but well =).

Raj will be leaving for Australia on 1st Feb, Mac and Greg will be starting school on 19th Jan, Jeremy will be starting school soon (can't remember off-hand), Patience will be starting school on 5th Jan, dearest Geri will be starting school on 5th Jan, while I'll be starting school on 12th Jan. It'd be hard to meet up too, so yup.

Life still goes on. One lesson I learnt today is when you're in a bad mood or feeling down, it's always good to talk to your friends about it, because your friends usually feel it too, and it'd only spoil the mood more the more you try to hide it.

Sometimes getting detached from certain people, even your parents, is better for yourself. Emotional attachments will indirectly cause you to have expectations, to have hope, and when that fails you're only going to feel angry and disappointed. The worst part? You seldom take it out on the person who caused you these feelings, but almost always take it out on the people who actually care about you. So it's always a vicious cycle.

Today I also realised that sometimes I'm very unfair to others.


Hello 2009!

2008 has been an eventful year for me. I ORD-ed after serving 2 years of National Service, went back to school, made some new friends, lost a couple of friends, etc. Every year's the same actually, lol, except for the ORD-ing and schooling part.

With that being said, I just want to thank all my friends and family for staying with me, and of course to my love, Geri =).

Happy New Year! =)

2009 here I come =)!