Met up with my HDKs after such a long time, and it's always nice to see your old friends =). I've known Kel for 13 years, and Boon and Jove for 8 years or so. Although it's true that the quality of a friendship is more important than the quantity, it's always good to know that these are friends who've stood by you through the years. Had dinner at Downtown East's Food Court (Joven and I wanted Subway, Kelvin was neutral, but Boon was VERY against Subway), which is something very uncommon for me. I just don't like food courts for some reason. Coffeeshops are okay, but food courts are no-no. Thankfully, the chicken chop I had was quite good.

After that, we went to Pasir Ris Town Park and had some drinks, chit-chat for a little while, before I left to meet Mac, Greg and Raj. Similarly, these 3 are friends I've known for 5 years or so, and everytime I look back it's a wonderful feeling.

Although I do not always agree with what my friends choose to do with their lives, I'm always thankful that they never force it upon me, nor try to convince me that what they're doing is right. In fact, some of them probably know how not right it is, but well, it's their choice, and just remember, don't ever do things that you'll live to regret.

Kel will be flying around a lot this year, while Boon will be hard at work, and Jove will be working and studying. It's going to be hard to meet up, but well =).

Raj will be leaving for Australia on 1st Feb, Mac and Greg will be starting school on 19th Jan, Jeremy will be starting school soon (can't remember off-hand), Patience will be starting school on 5th Jan, dearest Geri will be starting school on 5th Jan, while I'll be starting school on 12th Jan. It'd be hard to meet up too, so yup.

Life still goes on. One lesson I learnt today is when you're in a bad mood or feeling down, it's always good to talk to your friends about it, because your friends usually feel it too, and it'd only spoil the mood more the more you try to hide it.

Sometimes getting detached from certain people, even your parents, is better for yourself. Emotional attachments will indirectly cause you to have expectations, to have hope, and when that fails you're only going to feel angry and disappointed. The worst part? You seldom take it out on the person who caused you these feelings, but almost always take it out on the people who actually care about you. So it's always a vicious cycle.

Today I also realised that sometimes I'm very unfair to others.

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