All The Best Raj! =)

Raj has left for Australia for his studies, and the next time we see him we probably be in November/December (if we all save enough money each).

It’s going to feel weird from now on every Friday and Saturday =(. We’ll definitely miss you my friend =).

On another note, a couple of things have happened, and a few decisions have been made. Please do not judge and expect everyone to be like you, or agree with your principles. If you are a friend you would NOT be like this.

That’s also precisely why, so many years on, some of us are still amazingly close, but some of you have drifted away. I may not always agree with what you do, in fact, I’ll outright comment on it. However, I will never treat you with any contempt because of that, because friends NEVER do that. Friends stand by one another, regardless of beliefs and principles. Friends will listen, and enjoy one another’s company, despite the very different paths every one of us is walking.

Know where you stand, before you comment. Really. I’m surprised at what you said. Sadly, the person(s) I’m referring to will not even realize it. That’s really the saddest part of all.

No longer will I try to be a pacifist, because if I really were one, I wouldn’t have felt the anger. I really feel stupid for standing up for you when others were against you. Seriously.

With that said, I also realise that throughout these years there have been amazing friends who’ve stood by me, despite all of our busy schedule, and Raj, you’re definitely one of them (although I don’t agree with your ego 95% of the time). All the best, my friend! =)

To all those in the service industry, if you don’t want to lose your job, do you job with a SMILE.

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