Recently I had my MA1521 mid-term, which I screwed up and am sure I will fail. It sucks because I really put in a lot of effort into it, much more than any module, and I skipped an entire week of lessons at NTU so I can focus on it.

The worst part is that it's not that I don't know how to do, but for some reason I made ridiculous careless mistakes that cost me, a lot. It's a MCQ, so if you're wrong, that's it. No working marks, no nothing.

So I'm probably getting less than 10% for this 20% weightage test, and I've to somehow get 80% for the final.

Some stupid mistakes I made include seeing a t as 1, differentiating a constant and somehow it remains a constant instead of 0.

The only good news is that hopefully whatever I've learnt helps me for the final paper.

Sigh. Have to get over this shitty feeling somehow. If I was just clueless, it wouldn't have been this bad. It's bad because I knew how to do them, yet I f-up. As they always say, suck it up, move on. I know.

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