Cleaned up the blog layout, removed a couple of unnecessary stuff ^^. Anyway, I had a wonderful birthday celebration yesterday :D! Thank you everyone!

Dinner was @ Sunset Bay @ ECP. When I arrived I saw two Hello Kitty Happy Birthday balloons. One was for me, and the other for Jeremy. Also, I received a picnic mat, a picnic bag, and some food, and of course a voucher for going to Jazz By The Beach :P. Haha.

I had Tropicana Chicken (or something like that) for dinner. Mac, Jeremy, Chin Ming and Kenny had it as well. I’m not a food person, so I don’t know how to rate it, but I’d say it’s good but a little too dry. Geri had a platter of nuggets, samosa and fries, and we all helped to finish it :P. Greg had fish filet, while Pate as usual, decided to have salad. Haha. Jeremy’s friends, Adeline and Nick, had spaghetti and fish filet respectively.

The birthday cake came after dinner, and it was very nice! Haha :D.

Dearie and Pate had to leave 1/2 way to send Joanna off, and we had to walk quite far just to get a cab. Sunset Bay’s really a little inaccessible if you aren’t driving. After Jeremy and I sent Pate and Geri off, we went back to Sunset Bay where the rest of the people were. Shortly after, I realised my Hello Kitty balloon was missing :(! The weight holding it down was on the floor though. The string holding it must have snapped, and Hello Kitty flew to the heavens. Lol.

Shortly after, Adeline, Nick and Kenny left, while the rest of us decided to walk to McDonald’s. It was far, but fun :D. Chin Ming and Mac actually survived the walk :X! Geri and Pate returned to join us soon after.

Initially, we walked to McDonald’s as we wanted to find a place (any one of the benches in ECP) to sit down and drink. The weather forecast showed that it may rain at night, so we wanted shelter (McDonald’s) in case it rains. However, there were no empty benches, and we ended up ordering drinks from McDonald’s, and mixing it with the Hennessy :D. Lol. We then played some drinking games for the rest of the night.

That’s about it! Words can’t describe everything, but thank you people for the memories :D.

On another note, if people don’t do the things you expect/think/believe/hope they will do, there’s nothing you can do either, right? So I’ve learnt to just accept it :D.

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