:( =( :[ =[

About 2 years ago Geri gave me a picture of us, nicely framed, and puzzled-dized (is there such a word?). Since then, I’ve always displayed it at the top of one of my shelves.

Today, after a tiring day, I bought dinner home. As I turned on the fan, and began taking out my wallet and all, the picture frame dropped, and shattered beside me, narrowly missing my head.

I am very sad.

Good thing is the picture, though a puzzle, is still perfectly intact.

It was like one of those moments from a movie, whereby someone representing a couple will suddenly break or drop in the presence of one of them signifying a bad omen for them :(. I hope none of that happens.

I shall look on the bright side! The puzzle is still complete :D, and I’m safe!

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