Update =)

I had a good weekend with the perfect girlfriend =). It’s magical, how 3 years and 8 months down the road, it still feels like our first date every single time I meet her. Our relationship feels like a honeymoon that never ends =P. I love you Geri!

I love and enjoy the fact that we talk about almost everything =)!

On another note, it’s amusing and saddening when you talk to an old friend/acquaintance/enemy/classmate/whatever and he or she says stuff like, “You’ve changed.” You know what? If I did, where were you when I was facing all the shit and had to change as a result? Even more irritating are people who have betrayed you coming to talk to you as though nothing ever happened. I feel like a hypocrite talking to them, seriously. I resolve to have the strength to blank these people in future.

I have spent a lot of time reflecting, too much in fact, and I think it’s a waste of time. I look back at my secondary school and polytechnic days, at all my “friends” who conveniently left me when I was truly down. Yet, through these years, I never really blamed them. After all, I wasn’t strong enough. It’s only now that I truly dislike them. Why? Because it’s sad how they come and talk to you like nothing ever happened. Or even worse, they don’t talk to you. They only ask you questions when they need help. Friends?

I remember I used to have a couple of good friends from primary school. We went on to the same secondary school together, and of course, made a whole new lot of friends, and all of us used to be close together. Old friends and new friends alike. Then I started mixing with “bad company”, whom till today, are one of my closest friends, my HDKs. Bad company my ass. At least they are true as friends. What about the whole lot of friends? Well, I’ve no idea till today. For some reason I was outcasted. Rumours are a powerful thing. It’s sad because I thought you all were friends. Obviously I was wrong.

I’m not saying any of these with any grudges. It’s just interesting when I look back at everything that I’ve been through, at who are the people who’ve stood by me, and who are those that did not. After all, without sadness, what is happiness?

And for that reason alone, I am very thankful for some of the friends I have right now. You know who you are. If you’re doubtful then you probably aren’t one of them =). Friends have no need for doubts.

On yet another note, this semester has been going pretty well for me so far. I’m thankful, shall not complain too much =).

Have a good day people =).

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