(Proper) Update

I haven’t really posted for a while, so here’s one. I’m having my first paper on April 28, followed by another on April 29. My third paper’s on May 2. Fourth paper’s on May 4, and my last paper’s on May 5. Challenging!

I hate the way it’s scheduled though. Due to my paper on May 2, I won’t be able to accompany Geri for her cousin’s wedding on May 1, which really sucks, considering she has been looking forward to it so much, and I’ve tailored a shirt for that event as well. Well =(. Honestly, it’s all about priorities, but sometimes I really don’t have much of a choice.

Also, Geri’s bestie, Chrystal, will probably be giving birth sometime around that period. Hopefully I’ll have a little free time.

On to another topic, I seriously dislike some taxi drivers. I often hear them complaining, that when the price doesn’t drop they’re also losing business, etc. etc. It’s all bullshit. Honestly, I don’t care whether you’re making as much money as you’d like, but for **** sake do your job well.

About 2 weeks ago Geri had a bad case of hyperventilation. Yes, it’s just hyperventilation, some people might say, but at that point in time I was really worried that it had something to do with the heart. Of course, many taxis just drove by. Yes, I know, how are they supposed to know it was an emergency? But that’s not the main point. The main point is they do not stop. They only want passengers during peak hours, and they complain they don’t have enough passengers.

Just 3 days ago, I shared a cab with Chin Ming, Jeremy, and of course, Geri. The taxi driver sucks. He wanted us to get down initially as he said he was rushing for time. So we said, “Ok.” As we were getting down he asked where we were going. We told him the 4 places (one for each of us) to take us to, and he said “Ok”. Throughout the journey he was unhappy. Apparently, after we all left, except for Chin Ming, the bloody driver complained to his friend over the phone that we’re wasting his time. For **** sake, don’t do it with a customer in your car.

Of course, the list goes on. A search in Google will result in many more stories. Also, I’m just generalizing, and I know there’re some really nice taxi drivers, but they are rare.

So, stop complaining, just drive, and do your job with a smile. Asshole(s).

Last but not least, I will be missing my Geri and friends and family during these 2 weeks or so very much =(. And the previous post is dedicated to Geri. I’m sure you already know that love =).

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