Hello all, been a while. Life’s been quite hectic. I spent the whole of last week trying to finish my diet analysis assignment for one of my modules (GEK1529). The scope/requirements were very vague, and I’ve no idea how much info I should include or not include. Well, in the end I just decided to include as much as I can. I’ve to admit it was a pretty interesting experience. I spent countless hours in the NUS Science Library (first time there!), looking through tables after tables of food composition. On the darker side, I’m behind schedule for almost all my modules now. My time management skills are simply top-notch.

On a brighter note, I decided to finish the next assignment for the module as well, so I can probably ignore this module for a while. Also, it seems most of my assignments are done (ahead of deadline). In fact I think all of them are done, just need to finish up the report, which should not take too long. *hopes someone in the group will do it so i can relax*

Anyway, I watched Funny People yesterday, not a bad show, but not awesome either. Watch it if you’ve a lot of time (it’s 2.5hours). It’s meaningful, but draggy. Also, THIS IS THE SHORTEST WEEKEND I HAVE WITH GERI :(. Ah, well. She got her Doo Doo Milk Biscuit though, lol :D.

I can’t wait for this semester to be over, it feels like the worst one ever (since poly). Lack of focus, lack of results, lack of everything. I don’t even feel like studying. I’d rather spend everyday coding, doing assignments, meeting deadlines, than to revise. They seem to repel me somehow, the lecture notes and the textbooks (and honestly, some of the lecturers too). We need good lecturers, good teachers, not good researchers :(.

I seem to have lost my confidence completely, when it comes to studies. I keep telling myself, I’ll change everything when this semester ends. The fact is, I should just do it now. So stop f-ing around, Mr Wysie :D.


Good night all!

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