Update ^^

It’s been forever since I updated, so here’s one. I’ve been wanting to update, and I’m always full of things to write, but everytime I start typing I end up surfing the net and forgetting what to blog about.

So the first week of school just ended. I’m currently on exchange to NTU. There’re some things I prefer in NTU, some things I prefer in NUS. With that said, it’s been pretty ok so far. Nothing really exciting, but nothing really bad either.

I’ve been spending most of my holidays on Android-related stuff, and I seriously *LOVE* the Android platform. It’s amazing :P. Anyway, I’d probably start a blog with Android-related stuff, but then again I think I lack the discipline to update it properly.

On another note, I went over to Geri’s place to help with making some pre-mixed Oreo cake. I now have lots of respect for people who bake :D. It’s so troublesome!

There’s so much more stuff to actually rant about, but who gives a shit :). Live your life to the fullest!

Edit: Sing Dollars is awesome :).

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