Just 14 days to my first paper, and the best part is, I finish all 4 of my papers within 5 days. Go figure. The bad thing, is of course, time is not on my side. The good thing is, exams will be over quickly! Thus, I've decided to focus on studies for the next 2 weeks. The worst thing? I decided that I'll focus on my studies for the next 3 weeks a week ago, but this week was not as productive as I'd like it to be. Better than usual, definitely, but nowhere near where I want to be.

On a BRIGHTER note, I had a good weekend with my beloved girl and my rowdy friends! We're gonna be watching Avenue Q this coming Friday! Actually I don't really care =P, but for the sake of someone
I'm going =X. HEHE. Also, our group had a newcomer this weekend, hope she enjoyed herself ^^.

Also, I'm so happy that Lenovo Mac is going to get a car soon. Woohoo =P!

It's good to have dreams, but it sucks if they just remain dreams forever, you know?

I think love is magical =).

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