Busy Week

Alright, this is going to be one of hell of a busy week. This week is the week some of my friends and I have been waiting for. Finally, it's the Freshmen Orientation Camp for the freshmen in our school! It'll be taking place from Wednesday (19/04/2006) to Friday (21/04/2006) =). Hopefully things will go really well! The committee has been putting in a lot a lot a lot of effort, and I really hope everything will turn out well! Of course, there're some problems here and there, but I'll leave that for a later time =).

Anyway, I'll be sleeping in school from Tuesday to Friday. I'm also waking up around 7AM later, prepare, leave house around 8.15AM, go to the bank and withdraw some money, and then meet Maclean at 9.30AM (at SLS), before going down to Mustafa Centre, where I'll probably be getting the Philips Xenium 9@98 phone in preparing for my National Service. In addition, it can serve as my backup phone in case my phone spoils =). After getting the phone, I'll have to rush down to school (by 12PM latest), where there'll be some rehearsal for the coming FOC.

Geri will also be officially starting school today, so all the best to her =P! *hugs*

I guess that's all for now. Good night =).

Silverstein - Smashed Into Pieces

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