End of Orientation

Hello all, the orientation has finally ended =(. Although Engineering did not win anything this year, it was really fun! I wished I had more time to spend with the various departments though =(. All in all, I would say this is one of the best camp/event I've ever been in. The committee's simply great =). Anyway, I'll write more about it soon, really tired now... Congrats to Business for winning the trophy yet again!

Anyway, HOPEFULLY, I'll be able to meet my committee members and mentors up soon =). Thanks to Darling Geri for giving me a surprise visit during the camp, although I couldn't even spend 2 minutes with you =(. Thanks!

Once again, thanks to everyone who played his/her part! I'm sad that we did not win, but we all had fun, definitely!

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carolina__* said...

sure sure... it was our duty! :D