Off To Brunei + New Layout + STREETS OF RAGE!

Hi all, as you can see I now have a new layout. Well, not exactly new, the colour scheme's still the same, just a little different. Why is this so? Basically I decided to try out Blogger's new Layouts, instead of using the old template/classic format. As a result I had to re-do everything. To be honest I didn't put in as much effort as I would like to, but I kinda like how everything is. Check out the Video reel to the side =P. Alright, that's all for site-related updates.

On another note, I'm flying off to Brunei tomorrow already. Wish me all the best. Stupid jungle here I come =(. I'm going to miss all of you! Especially my dearest Geri =P! I'll be back on the 21st! No idea how much weight I'm going to lose during the survive training =(. Bah.

Also, for those of you who LOVED the STREETS OF RAGE series on Sega, check out this site =)! It's really fun!

Last but not least, please take good care of yourselves, especially my dearest and closest friends =). My darling too! =P I'm going to miss you all =(.

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