Fun Nite With My Dearest Friends

Went to East Coast Park with Geri, Mac, Greg, Rayhan, Amir and Raj. Everyone brought some food, and I brought my beloved bunsen burner and mess tins for cooking/heating up some food. I brought canned tuna, canned curry, and some instant noodles. Rayhan brought lots of tidbits, while Amir brought instant noodles and soft drinks. Mac, Greg and Raj essentially brought the same things as me and some soft drinks.

Anyway, it's really relaxing and fun just sitting around a table and cooking and basically chatting away. It's really nice to be with your good friends =).

Me, Amir, Rayhan

Darling Geri!

Bunsen Burner =P

Amir Enjoying His Noodles

Rayhan's Turn

Me Trying Really Hard To Use The Can Opener -_-

Darling & Me!

Almost Everyone!

Amir & Me

Raj & Mac =P


Having A Good Time =)

Piggyback ^^

Winner: Geri, Loser: Mac =P

Alright, that's enough pics ^_^. Good night!

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