SIT Test + More

Been a while since I posted here =(. Anyway, I do take the time to read everyone's blog everytime I'm home, but I seldom take the time to post =P. Heard from Mac and the rest about the new ESC Committee, doubt any one of them will read this, but anyway, all the best to them =)!

Come to think of it I really do miss life in TP =(.

Anyway, NS life's been pretty tiring recently. It's pretty fun to put myself to the challenge though. There'll be another IPPT on Tuesday, and then SIT Test would be from Thursday to Saturday! SIT Test is basically a field camp where you'll be assessed on your leadership capabilities by external assessors. I really hope I do well in this and not let myself get too caught up with my personal emotions towards certain people =). Well, there're some really good friends in NS as well ^_^.

Anyway, Geri cooked for me oatmeal/cereal chicken today (with a little bit of hinting from me =P)! Thanks DARLING! =P

Don't really know what else to write, I'll be booking in at 1845 =(. Take care everyone! =)

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