Good morning =). I'm currently at work, and I'm late today. Thankfully someone woke me up =P. The funny thing is I woke up around the time I'm supposed to reach my workplace, which is in Jurong, and I live in Simei. So I'm appromixately 1.5 hours late =\. The reason I can blog now is because there's currently nothing for me to do. Anyway, a conversation around 15 minutes ago between me and a fellow "friend" went like this:

"Friend": "YC, did you tell anyone you not coming today?"
[In a really demanding and authoritative tone.]

YC: "No, not yet."
[Ok, this is my mistake, but I was sleeping when I received the message last night.]

"Fried": "Did you know that Mr. XXX is coming? We thought all of you were coming."
[So, now it's my fault that others didn't turn up. Anyway why is Mr. XXX so important? Lick balls?]

YC: "Ok."

"Friend": "Check your minutes in future."
[Same irritating tone.]

YC: "Ok."
[The truth is I've checked it and I didn't see anything. I just found out I should check "Agenda" instead.]

"Friend": "Bye."

I forgot if I said "Bye", but anyway I proceeded to call those I should call and apologise. Anyway, I used to think "Friend" was friendly and nice before I actually got to work with her directly. Well, well. The sad thing is I know it wouldn't make a difference. Where there's power involved, there'll be politics. Please make it transparent though. I don't want to comment too much, I'm sick and tired of being judged by people who don't even know me. I hate to say this, but I'm in school to excel in my studies AND enjoy, not get involved in stupid politics and fail my studies, nor to show off just because I get some award. Before I got involved with you all, which is the BIGGEST MISTAKE I've made in my polytechnic life, I had a really great school life. Great friends, FUN club, and not-so-bad results. I don't need you to survive in school. Heck, I don't even see a need for you in anything. So, do me a favour, do yourself a favour, don't think so highly of yourself. On another note, I really respect some of you, so please don't get the idea that I'm against everyone.

P.S: Note that I tried to refrain from using any profanities, so as not to hurt other people's feelings.


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