Malacca Trip

Hello all,

I went to Malacca yesterday with my mother and sister, and it was really fun yet tiring. I know Malacca means nothing to some of you fellow Singaporeans, but it's been a long time since I stepped out of Singapore. Anyway, I had to wake up at 5.30am, catch a quick breakfast, take a quick bath, and then finally leave house at 6.15am or so. Reached Lavender at 7am, waited for the coach to arrive, and off we went.

We went via the Tuas link, and reached the Singapore customs around 8.30am or so, I think. Anyway, fast-forward a little, we reached a small town in Malaysia to catch some snacks or "brunch". Haha. Finally, we reached Malacca around 1.15pm, for lunch! The food was very nice! Oh ya, before that, we went to this "The World's Bees Museum" or something like that. Shows you all the different types of bees, and the honey there is good as well ^_^.

Anyway, after lunch, we went to this shopping mall, can't remember the name. Got myself some clothes. I feel quite bad wasting my mother's money =(. After that we went to some small district with a lot of Peranakan snacks. Bought some stuff there again.

Ok I'm getting lazy to type on. Bottom line is, it was fun! On another note, I don't know about my sister. I think she might read this but anyway, I find it a bit hard to trust her sometimes. She still behaves like nothing's ever happened, and just a moment ago she lost her temper when my mother wanted her mobile phone back. I'm tired, honestly. I know my mother is too. We're all trying so hard but you seem to take everything for granted. When we're nice to you, you step all over us. When we try to correct you, you lose your temper.

It's sad when someone uses you, it's worse when it's your own family member. I don't know what you're trying to achieve till now. Just hope you'll come to your senses soon and realise your mistakes. I know it takes time, but I'll be going NS next year, and if you don't change by then it's going to be hard for us.

Lastly, to end this on a good note, good night =).

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