My parents chose to divorce, but my sister chose to destroy everything's that's left of it. Now I know why you need friends. Because sometimes your own family just can't be trusted. I don't blame any of them. I think this is what you call fate. Or destiny. Or bullshit. I like the last one the best. I've never felt more disappointed than this. Not disappointed with myself, but with my sister. Good job. You win. What else do you fucking want? I've to swallow my pride when I saw your fucked up friends, had to keep quiet like an idiot. It's alright, I tell myself, but you only go further. Sorry? Stop your fucking acting. Maybe I'll tell this straight to your face the next time I see you. Selfish POS. Get your fucking idea right, I don't, and will NEVER owe you a thing. This family is a tool to you, mother and father are just puppets to you. I don't feel like going home? Your friends are so cool :), so are you.

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