First Bookout

I'm finally out of army after 2 weeks. Time passes really fast when you look back on it, but when you're inside, every day feels like a week. I'm booking in in approximately 12 hours' time, and I'm feeling really shitty right now. My company got to bookout early yesterday, around 8.30AM, and I was really happy. I was thinking of all the things I could do, all the places I could take Geri to and have fun. I was thinking of going to my Dad's home, of going to Boon Tiong's house since it's been really long since I saw them. But no, I came home, took a bath, Geri came, and FOR NO REASON AT ALL I SUDDENLY HAD FEVER. It was around 37.8 degrees celsius initially, but then within an hour or so it had reached 38.8 degrees celsius. I kept on praying that it would drop soon. It did drop once in a while, only to rise up again. Before I knew it, it was 6PM. My whole afternoon is gone because of the fever.

I finally decided to go to Changi Hospital's A and E department to see a doctor. The doctor was unfriendly and whatnots, I don't even know if he diagnosed me correctly. Anyway I'm being given 2 days MC, although I'll still book in today. I'd hate to miss any lessons/training. I'm feeling much better now, and I'm really hoping the temperature won't rise anymore.

Anyway, back to the actual topic, NS. NS's been ok so far. It might sound a little stupid or even crazy to some, but I do love the training. I've always liked physical training, so yup =). Foot drills are something I'm not as good with, and I didn't really like it initially but I'm slowly liking it now =). So basically, NS's all good, NO. Why? Because some of the people simply sucks. I finally understand why Wee Quan used to tell me that I'd get to see all sorts of people in NS. I've met some really nice people, made some good friends. However, some people are just plain selfish. Seriously. You get to see the real "wayang". There was this incident where I was sweeping the floor. All of a sudden this person decided to help me with it, when he usually doesn't bother helping with area cleaning. I was happy he's finally bothering about it, but when I turned around I realised why. My sergeant was at the door looking at us. The moment my sergeant left, he immediately "returned" the broom back to me =).

My sergeants are all pretty nice and reasonable, although they are very strict sometimes. Well, they have to be strict right? Anyway, I respect all my sergeants a lot, although it's been just 2 weeks.

As one of my friends told me, "If you can survive 3 years in poly you should be able to survive 2 years in NS." Pretty true statement!

Anyway, I miss my family, Geri, and friends! A lot a lot a lot! When I was sick yesterday, my mum and Geri were really nice. Thanks =)! Geri also made some cookies for me, although I only had 1 and a 1/2 cookie because I was sick =(.

Alright, I think I'm going back to sleep now. Take care everyone =).

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