Being A Little More Respectful... I Think

Sometimes I wonder why I always hold myself back (nowadays) when I'm feeling really pissed off with some people deep inside. In the past I'd definitely have lashed back at them, but I don't do that anymore. People are just so hopeless. Selfish, self-centred, the list goes on.

I wonder if it's because I've learnt to tolerate others, or simply I don't really give a shit anymore. Maybe some people feel great and cool because they think they're fucking trendy, but it's all so god damned superficial. They bond as a group to make fun of others, feeding off others' misery, acting all big shot and what nots. What the hell?

Every single time I come across these sort of assholes I try to cheer myself up by thinking of my really good friends, Geri, and my family. I'm really thankful to have them, but why the fuck must I always encounter screwed up people? Maybe I'm just not matured enough to ignore/tolerate/accept them, I don't know. But the question I always ask myself is, why must these people even exist?

For those that don't know what I'm writing about it doesn't really matter. It's just some random thoughts. Humanity's probably going to go even lower with each passing day, well =). Maybe it's better for others to see me as a joke/fool than for them to know me.

By the way, I got a Meizu Miniplayer M6 recently, and it's really nice. Call it an iPod clone or whatever, but I love it =D. Read a review here:

Anyway, just got to head down to Jaben (at The Adelphi) one day and test out some earphones =D. Westone UM1 seems good judging from reviews, got to test it out though =D.

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