Blogging For The Sake Of... Blogging =P

I seriously wanted to get a Nintendo DS Lite, but after much serious consideration and procrastination I decided not to. Because I probably won't have the time to play with it while I'm in NS =(. I really like the NDS Lite though. Bah. Anyway, time really flies while you're NOT in Tekong =(. It feels like I only POP-ed yesterday =(.

Gregory and Boon Tiong got enlisted on Saturday and Friday respectively, hope they're both coping well inside =). Gregory went to Cougar! Same company as me! He's in platoon 2 though. I was from platoon 4. Anyway, hope he enjoys himself! I heard Boon Tiong went to Bronco. Bah. To all my other friends who are serving/going to serve NS, hope all of you have fun =)!

Anyway, the past 3 months in Tekong was really memorable, in both good and bad ways. They always say NS is where you see all sorts of people, and damn it's really true. You don't really know who to trust and who not to trust at the end of it all. Even till now. Bah. On another note, I don't particularly like to blog about my NS life because if I do so I'd have less time for my civilian life =P.

Last but most importantly, I hope Geri (Daa Daa!) gets well soon =). Also, may her group mates work a bit harder, for they are simply too lazy and maybe a little useless =(.

Take care everyone! =)

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