I was supposed to be out with Geri right now, probably around town area or something, but here I am, at home... To be honest I'm quite worried. Around 10am this morning, she experienced very bad stomach cramps/aches, and it didn't help that her employer was overly professional, without the slightest tinge of compassion. Anyway, she went on to the clinic, where she waited for a while, and I went to bring her home around 1pm. She stayed at my house till 3pm or so, and seemed to be getting better.

Right now she seems ok, but the doctor earlier said it could be appendicitis, although she got diagnosed with intestinal infection. Hopefully the pain subsides and she's fully recovered by tomorrow. I'm probably over-worrying, but please wish her well. Thanks =).

On another note, I went to Bedok Polyclinic today at 4pm or something, as I have been coughing for the past 3 weeks already. The place sucks. The doctor thought I wanted to have an MC so I didn't have to go back to camp (NS), and kept asking if I wanted him to write an MC. I told him I'm on off, and I didn't need his MC anyway. He went on to say funny things, like don't push yourself too hard for NS, and kept asking me to hurry up. Anyway, I got a little pissed off, and told him all I want to do and know is why the shit I've been coughing for the past 3 weeks, especially in the morning and at night. He then said some medical terms, and asked me to go for an X-Ray. In the end, he gave me some antibiotics and some medicine, and I'll probably go for an X-Ray if I don't recover in another week or so. I also saw many secondary school kids, probably taking MC to skip lessons. With doctors like that, it's no wonder that students LOVE the polyclinic. First question when you step in, "You want MC?"

Absolutely nonsense...

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