Mr. Yamamoto Rocks =)

My dearest and I had the pleasure of getting to know a certain Mr. Yamamoto yesterday. I wish more Singaporeans would be like him, friendly and all. So here's the story...

My paternal grandma's birthday celebration was yesterday, so before going over to her place, Geri and I went to White Sands to look for her gift. Seriously, we were both quite lost as to what to get for her, and ended up getting her chocolate chip cookies with no sugar (Granny's diabetic) from NTUC. After which, we decided to get a nice paper bag for the cookies. After doing some searching, we found what we want at Japan Home. I then asked Geri if she had $1 to spare as I didn't have small change. Well, turned out she didn't have, so I paid for it instead, not before cheekily saying, "It's ok, your job is to waste my money." Of course, it was a joke =P *hugs*. Anyway, this old man near us started laughing!

He then said, "So sorry, I overheard your comment." Geri went on to reply something like I'm a bad boyfriend, to which the old man replied, "No, he dotes on you, you see." So that was it. It was quite nice of that old man, really. No barriers, no airs, just a casual and friendly conversation. We paid for the item and left the shop. About halfway through, we stopped to pack some stuffs, and that was when the old man walked past us. He looked at us, and started talking to us.

Anyway, his name is Mr. Yamamoto, and he's a 65-year-young man =)! He's really nice, telling us about his life and daughter (who apparent has big boobs and likes to wear tight-fitting clothes) and all. Anyway, he's Japanese, but lives in Hawaii. All in all, it might seem like small talk to some people, but to Geri and myself, it was a nice old fellow trying to communicate with today's generation =). He finished the conversation by saying, "Well, see you all around sometime soon. Maybe I'll see you both in heaven!" Nice old man, really ^^.

Having negative feelings towards certain people is causing me *those* nights again...

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