Come, Break Me Down ^_^

I'm here again, after a period of absence for no reason at all. Anyway, just an update on what's been happening over the past few weeks...

I've been having driving lessons and all, and I seriously dislike my instructor. From the moment I get into the car, he just keeps scolding or giving me sarcastic remarks till the end of the lesson. In fact, he doesn't even seem interested in teaching. As a result, I usually end up not being able to tolerate his nonsense and arguing with him. It sucks, really, to pay for a lesson and to go there and get screwed. What the hell.

Also, I had my two of my wisdom teeth removed yesterday. The procedure itself wasn't painful, although it was uncomfortable. It's scary when you can feel the dentist pulling off your teeth, and hearing it break *tiak* =P. Once the anaesthetic wears off, you can really feel the pain. I think the painkillers helped though, cause it wasn't really that painful and I'm feeling almost completely okay today =).

I actually wanted to write a lot, but as usual, feeling is one thing, but doing is another =P. On a bright note, I'm ORD-ing this Monday =). 2 years... Feels really fast and slow at the same time.

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