Hello all, it's been forever since I updated, but forever will now end =P. Anyway, just an update on what's been going on in my life since I ORD-ed. I started learning driving on May 21, and as of July 15, I'm officially a qualified driver =)!

Anyway, since June 9 (ORD) till now, I've spent most of the time going for my driving lessons, and exercising. Of course, both of them have paid off well so far, although I'm lacking in discipline to exercise recently again. Nevertheless, I'm still trying my best.

Also, my friends and Geri's friends had a celebration for her 21st birthday on July 20 (a day earlier than her official one), and I hoped she loved it! =)

I recently had a chalet with my wonderful friends, despite the fact that we're all pretty broke. And no, my broke doesn't mean I'm unable to buy the latest whatever, but really b r o k e. Anyway, we managed to pool together a sum of money, and rented a Mitsubishi Lancer for the course of the chalet. It was definitely the slackest chalet I've ever been to, but I'm sure all of us had a good break, although some still had to work during the chalet =(. I personally had a good break! It was like a mini holiday, and with your friends around to talk cock with you, and having the chance to put my driving to practise, what more could I ask for? Oh ya, I would've loved it more if my dearest Geri had come, but she's very busy, so yup =(. I miss you dearest!

Also, yesterday (July 29) is officially 3 years since I got together with her. Words can't express how grateful and lucky I feel to be with a girl as wonderful as herself =). I love you my dearest *hugs*.

Lastly, I'm starting school as of Monday, August 4. Having pretty mixed feelings about it. Sigh. Will blog about it another time. I'd like to end this post by saying that I'm blessed to have great parents, awesome friends, and a wonderful girlfriend, also, that I'm brilliant =P.

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