We worked and fought for it, only for others to take the credit and lead us. Great. People involved should know what I'm talking about. Screw those who didn't bother to help.

A demon doesn't belong in this world of humans... I guess I just got to accept that. When people look at him, they only see the anger, they only see the demon. Even his girlfriend was like that. But he's only being realistic, in order to protect and make his dreams come true. His girlfriend was scared of him losing himself to power, and just today, another person said something similar. No one sees past those eyes into the burning pain inside him. The feeling of wanting to be stopped. Does he have a choice? If he fails, his future's gone. He likes pain, because pain makes him learn more. He believes anything that doesn't kill him will only make him stronger. But even with all these anger and hatred, he's always tried to make those people important to him happy. Obviously, he failed. You can't possibly make someone happy when all that's inside you is pain. He failed, time and again. It almost feels like it's his destiny to be alone, to destroy all that's in his path. He seeks power. Absolute power. It needs no definition. Day by day he questions his conscience, his humanity. One day, he'll probably lose faith completely in humanity. He could've been saved, if only someone bothered to understand, if only someone bothered to listen... Someone did, but he didn't notice, until that someone stopped listening. Now there's no one listening. Wait, there's someone. He appreciates it. However, some things have a beginning, but no end. He'll just keep losing more and more of himself, till he achieves his goal. Then he'll feel empty. But at least, he lived his life the way he chose to. Is it his fault? Or is it this society's? When all he ever wanted, was a little understanding. When all he ever wanted was someone who could understand why he seeks power so much. Unfortunately, no one shares his dreams. No one... Darkness is nothing when you compare it to the loneliness he feels. Even when there's someone, he won't be able to see him or her anymore. He's already blinded by his goal. His goal which will surely result in nothing but pain. The final result would be emptiness itself.

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