Update, Finally.

I've been trying to blog for the past few days, but each time after I type a paragraph, I've no idea what to write next. So I always end up signing out, without actually posting anything. There's just so much on my mind, yet so little of them can actually be phrased into proper sentences by me.

A lot of things have happened recently, not just to me, but around me. First of all, a friend's mother passed away recently. Let's all pray for a moment for their family. I don't know what else to say, but to my friend, we're all here if you need anything.

From that incident, I've come to realise how fragile a human life really is. You know, we constantly whine about our problems. What problems? What is "hate" compared to the feeling of losing someone you love? No girlfriend? No boyfriend? Get a life, move on. I'm ashamed of my constant complaining as well. To my friend, you're really strong, and I respect that.

Other than that, SIP has already started for me like a week ago. It's been quite fun, working with Wee Quan and Willie. Both of them are really dependable. We've been doing a lot of research, and it's honestly very fun working with them. Willie and I have managed to come up with a couple of applications that are important to our project, while Wee Quan is constantly working hard, trying to grasp and understand VB.NET. The other group working with us is working hard as well. Yay!

However, where there's good, there's bad. Sadly, I'm stuck in the lab with people who I'd rather have nothing to do with. The same people who caused others to take sides, and whatnots. Cool. One of them seems to have an eye problem. He constantly stares at us. Not us, as in my group. But us, as in nearly everyone he doesn't know. I think he's trying hard to remember our faces. Another one constantly acts like he doesn't give a damn about you, but while I was explaining code the other day he tried listening. Also, he loves staring too. However, similar poles repel. Whenever I look back at them they turn away. I don't stare, to begin with. I simply make eye contact and try to smile, but by the time my mouth starts curling their heads start bowing! Damn. They're really sensitive too. Like the other day Jeremy opened the door for me and I was talking to him, and somehow I got accused of scolding one of them. Lol. Talk about self-conscious. He went on to tell Andrew not to talk to me. Hey boy, how about I give you a sweet and you be my friend? Anyway, as though that wasn't enough, Mr. Eye Problem decided to pass some rather sarcastic comments towards one of my group mates! In spite of the fact that my group mate helped him install Visual Studio .NET 2003. Yeah, we play games 24/7, according to him. Well, it's better than behaving like a boot-licker 24/7 anyway, so, whatever makes him happy! Anyway I'll probably talk to them soon, although they'll definitely back out on their words again.

But I'm thankful, I'm not one of you. To someone who might or might not be a friend, get a backbone.

Anyway, enough about my SIP so far. It's 98% fun, 1% tiring, and 1% irritating. That 1% irritating would be gone soon. I'm learning how to ignore people who aren't needed.

You know, to me, you're either a friend, or you're not. There's no in between. However, to some people, they categorize friends. "Useful friends.", "Useless junk.", etc. To them, a friend is USEFUL, not helpful. Haha.

Last but not least, I received good news today! I got into the Director's List again =). Hehe. My mother and father were both very happy when they heard it ^_^. Also, someone whose name I shan't mentioned was very happy for me too =). Also, Raj told me some good news regarding Nicholas. HEHE ^_^.

Alright, see all of you again sometime soon!

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