It's been a long time since I actually felt like blogging, and today's one of them. I've been really busy recently, and on top of that there are many personal issues on my mind, which sucks considering that I've a sit-in lab test later (at 2pm), as well as a Math test on Friday.

Before I came into Uni, I thought that if I stayed in a residence, I'd be at least able to return home once a week (other than weekends, of course). I thought I'd be at least able to meet my dearest Geri at least once or twice during the weekdays. I also thought that I'd be able to live life to the fullest, doing the things I love, like working out, actually joining and participating in some CCAs, among others. I thought wrong for all of them.

So far, there has only been once when I returned home during the weekdays, and that was only because my main computer was down, and I had to fix it or I'm screwed. That took such a toll on me that I felt really burned out by the end of that week. Nevertheless, getting to see your family kind of makes it a lot better =).

The number of times I've met Geri during the weekdays can be counted with one hand. I'm really trying to find time, but time is not friendly with me nowadays. I'm really thankful I've such a wonderful and understanding girlfriend =).

I've only really jogged twice, and only exercise VERY lightly about twice a week, one of which is ON A WEEKEND.

I think my time management skills suck, but I'm trying. I'm so tired. This is not the kind of life I wanted, but sometimes there's no choice due to certain obligations.

Also, yesterday was my sister's birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEI MEI =)!

"And you never would have thought in the end,
How amazing it feels just to live again" - The Used, Blue And Yellow

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