I don't know what to blog about. Damn it. Some people are able to blog everything they feel, or experience, but I think I can't. There're some things you just have problems putting into words.

Anyway, hope all of you are doing fine! =)

Finally thought of something to write. I like wasting time. Doing nothing at all. Like, just lie on my bed, listening to some music. Usually I end up forgetting I'm actually listening to music. Like everything just disappears from your mind. That feeling's really nice. Like you're actually free. Free, unbounded to anything. Like you can just do everything you like without even giving a damn about anyone, or anything. Well, well. Then again, once you "wake up", everything comes flooding back into you, and you go like "WTF."

So yup. That's my entry. You know you can never be really free. Sad, but true. I think. At least I can't.

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