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Hello all, I'm finally updating this blog. To be honest I've been wanting to update it, but just didn't exactly know what to write. I'm still not writing what I really want to write, just going to update this with some stuff that's been going on in my life.

Hmm, school's been pretty tiring, especially the last two weeks. SIP is already tiring enough, and I still have to participate/organize some events, and stuff. They're really fun though. Took part in SAF Day last Friday as an usher, and it was really relaxing, and rewarding! Haha =P. Regarding my SIP, I think I've to learn C#. Sigh. Anyway, Wee Quan is coming back tomorrow, so yay! He was away for 2 weeks due to reservist =(.

On another note, Joven, one of my best friends, will be going for National Service this Friday =(. Wish him luck!

Alright, I really don't know what to write. Good night and take care =).

Note: Alright I updated, idiot. =P

Since I can't fall asleep either, I think I'll just try to write something. Anyway, what I'm going to write is just a general question/opinion, nothing too personal. How is someone supposed to move on, after breaking up? Most people will start keeping themselves busy, keeping themselves occupied with all the activities they can find. When you're busy doing something else, your mind stops thinking about the sad things. However, facts are facts. When you're alone and doing nothing, probably every night before you sleep, you'll still think of all these sad stuff. Ok, that's all. I really don't know what to write at all. GOOD NIGHT! =)

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