Die Forgotten.

Ok, the presentation got postponed till today =). I've more or less recovered, so yay! Wish me all the best for later =)!

I think it's a really sad thing to be forgotten, whether you're dead or not. It just sucks. I think. Let's say, you die. If you believe in a Heaven and a Hell, then good or bad for you, depending on which one you go to. If you end up in Heaven, you'd probably have peace and happiness for all of eternity (if eternity does exists). If you end up in Hell, too bad. I don't know if there's a Heaven or a Hell, but I do know when you die everything's gone. You know, all your dreams, your friends, your family, your everything. Actually they aren't gone, you're the one that's gone. Like, if there's an afterlife, you'll be seeing everyone crying for you. Mourning for you. Maybe they'll get over you after a while. Some might remember you, but some WILL forget you. What if the people who forget you are those you really hold dear? It's scary. If there's no afterlife, you'll just die, get eaten up by maggots, the end. I think. I don't know.

I don't know if I'm scared of death, but I'm sure I'm scared of being forgotten. Like I never existed. The sad thing is, I don't have to die to be forgotten. Some of my friends might just forget me one day, and I might also forget some of my friends.
All the friendship, the feelings, everyone, gone. To be forgotten is such a sad thing. It's like you never made any impact in his/her life. Whether you were there or not doesn't matter. Just another stranger. I don't know why I'm writing this either. I might forget I wrote this when I wake up. Seriously. If you don't remember it, it never happened. If no one remembers you, you never existed. Something like that, heard it before? I think it's quite true.

I think sometimes I just write plain crap.

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