Ok I was supposed to sleep like 1.5 hours ago, but I've been relaxing and listening to songs instead. Anyway, I'm going to school in like 7 hours' time, and it's coding, coding, and more coding again. BUT, I'm also going to have fun! Why?

Firstly, we've already met the project objectives, so now it's mostly adding in more features. We'll be going down to Philips on Wednesday and Thursday to set-up the stuff, and also, we might have to present to them. Hopefully not! I personally would want to fine-tune and fix all the bugs before presenting. I don't want to present a buggy project =(. Anyway, I'm looking forward to coding and integrating and whatever tomorrow!

Secondly, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, I'm going to Seoul Garden with my friends and her! Yay =P.

Ok, life's been pretty good to me recently =D. I wish I could work though =P. $_$

Lastly, enjoy the lyrics. I like Eric Clapton's version more, but =P.

Damage - Wonderful Tonight

Tonight, Tonight, Tonight
Tonight, Tonight, Tonight
Tonight, Tonight, Tonight

Verse 1

It’s late in the evening
She’s wondering what clothes to wear
She puts on her make-up
And brushes her long brown hair
And then she asks me
Do I look alright?
And I say yes
You look wonderful tonight

Du, lu, lu, lu..., oh, oh, oh, oh..., lu, lu, lu, lu..., lu, lu, lu, lu...

Verse 2

We go to a party
And everyone turns to see
This beautiful lady (Beautiful lady)
Who’s walkin' around with me, yeah...
And then she asks me
Do I feel alright?
(I say) And I say yes
I feel wonderful tonight

Tonight, Tonight, Tonight


(Oh...) I feel wonderful
Because I see
The love that’s right in your eyes
And the wonder of it all
Is that you just don't realize
How much I love you (I really do)

Verse 3

It’s time to go home now (Yes, it is)
And I’ve got an aching head
So I give her the car keys
And she helps me into bed
And then I tell her as I turn down the lights
I say, darling, you were wonderful tonight

Hey, hey..., I said, darling, you were wonderful tonight

Repeat/Fade Out

You look wonderful, you’re everything I need and more
You look wonderful, so beautiful tonight
You look wonderful, you never leave me wanting more
You look wonderful, so beautiful tonight

Source: http://www.lyrics4all.net/

Ok, good night! =)

Edit: I've changed the song to "I Caught Fire" by The Used.

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