Long Post... Maybe

It's 12.28am now, September 26. I think it's the day my SIP group has been looking forward to, wanting to get over and done with it as soon as possible. We'll be presenting to someone important later, and I don't know about the rest, but I'm pretty excited and worried at the same time. Anyway, after today, I think I will take a break from my SIP for a while. Probably a week at most. Whatever it is, please wish us all the best for the presentation!

It's been really tiring doing this project, but I've to admit, it's really fun and satisfying at the end of it all. I probably learnt more during this semester than any of the others added together. 3.1 was, and probably will remain, my busiest semester ever. You've your project, you've your club(s), you've your family (which isn't exactly going very well), you've your friends, and you've your personal life (which is going pretty well). So there you have it, some things good, some things bad, some things you just rather not give a damn about.

I've been giving my best to the project ever since it started, and I know some of my group members are too. It'll be really nice if we can complete everything. I don't know if I'm allowed to talk about what my project is about here, so I better not. Whatever it is, it's something really cool. So, tomorrow's finally the day, and I fall sick =(. The main point of this paragraph is, I really want to recover. I need to =P.

Ok, enough about my project. On to school life in general. Seriously, I hate it sometimes. SIP itself has already given me problems, but I'm able to deal with it properly, because it's something you already expect. I frequently have conflicts with one of my group members about how to go about coding/solving some stuff, but at the end of it all we fix the problem, and more importantly, we're still friends, and group members. You've some problems with your supervisors and lecturers, but that's fine with me also. Sometimes it's our fault, sometimes it's the upper management, but whatever it is, it's all good with me as long as it helps the project.

However, when you're getting problems and shit from things/people you're supposed to have fun with, it's really irritating. I don't want to go into details here, but some of my closer friends should know what I'm talking about. Whatever it is, don't force your ideas on others, just because you think it's wrong, or disrespectful, or whatever. First of all, you aren't involved, you simply saw it happening. Secondly, I hate being someone I'm not just to please you all. Lastly, if I can tolerate you behaving like someone you aren't just to please the rest, please show some basic respect for someone who's simply being himself and having fun.

Ok, I'm lazy to blog on. I just woke up a while ago, and I intend to get back to sleep soon. Good night people! Dumb dumb =P.

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