School's been a little more busy than I expected so far, and I haven't really had much time for myself, or anyone else for that matter =(.

NUS's pretty fun in the sense that there're quite a lot of events happening (if you bother to find out). I've been to some of them already and it's really good, although I can't seem to enjoy myself fully when there's still schoolwork to be done. I guess I still need time to build up my stamina for studying again, since I haven't really studied for the past 2/3 years or so. It's going to be an uphill battle, but it has to be fought anyway.

Staying at PGP is quite fun, but I really miss my family =(. It's like army all over again, only seeing my loved ones on weekends. Sigh. I think as we grow older, we'll drift further away due to other commitments, until a point in time that you've achieved what you want to. By then, it may sometimes be too late. I hope it wouldn't be the case for me. I'd love to take my parents for a holiday, and support them once I start working. It's time to return the favour =).

Most of my closer friends are now either working, or studying. As I grow up I feel that time is getting increasingly short, or maybe I'm running slower each day.

"My father always used to say that when you die, if you've got five real friends, then you've had a great life." - Lee Iacocca

It's quite true actually =). People walk in and out of your life, sometimes they remember you, sometimes they don't. Sometimes you remember them, sometimes you don't.

Also, I'm going to work out my expenses later on, so I can plan how much to save per week and so on.

I bought Electrico's We Satellites recently, and I love it! Below are the lyrics for Save Our Souls:

A man looks at his son with a sad look upon his face
He doesn’t cry

He sits there on the street within his eyes they’re showing you
The reason why

Where have you gone? Gone away, leaving us in the same tragedy
Won’t you stay? I don’t know where to go...
Please say to god we don’t know where to go to save our souls

Hope falls from the sky on iron wings, But it don’t ever hit the ground
People scatter / scramble everywhere
But all they see is the barrel of a gun

It's been 3 years and 1 month since I got together with my lovely Geri =)! I miss you =).

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